Texteline Sun Lounger Outdoor Relaxer Recliner Chaise Chair
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Texteline Sun Lounger Outdoor Relaxer Recliner Chaise Chair by Outsunny


You deserve a break, so go ahead and take one. This lounger is the perfect way to relax in your own backyard or on that balcony deck! It features an aluminum frame that fits you just right while providing strong support for all sorts of activities - whether it be sipping some iced tea with friends by day then smoking cigarettes after dark, taking off work shoes at home followed quickly by yoga pants over top...whatever life throws our way really; this sup+ offers up endless ways enjoy ourselves without having worry about getting bored too soon.
Reasons to buy Texteline Sun Lounger Outdoor Relaxer Recliner Chaise Chair by Outsunny:
  • It has a pillow attached to it.
  • You'll have an enjoyable experience lounging in this chair.
  • This chair is perfect for relaxing on the patio balcony deck or in your own garden.
  • The breathable mesh material will keep you cool and comfortable during those hot summer days!


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Last updated: 01/04/2022
IB's notes:
  • Outsunny was founded in 2010.
  • Outsunny has told us that they partly create their products in the US.


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