Storage Containers & Drawers

For most homeowners, item storage can become quite an issue, especially if you live in a small apartment with very limited space. This is why you will have to pick your storage containers with drawers carefully. The perfect storage containers should store a lot of items without causing clutter to the room. Unfortunately, this delicate balance is quite hard to find, especially if you are a first-time buyer. However, don’t be too worried though. Just read, and you will get the help.

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Estimate How Many Items to Store in the Container

This should be the first step to take when you wish to buy storage containers. By weighing the number of items you will store in the container, you will get a clearer idea of how large the container should be. And how many drawers the container should have. All of these factors will be extremely useful to help determine the proper storage containers you need.

Pick the Right Materials

Different materials will affect the overall aesthetics and durability of the storage containers, so it is worth the time to consider which material will be the right choice for you.

Plastic storage containers with drawers are some of the cheapest models around, and they also boast excellent durability. These containers are also water-resistant, and they are perfect for storing heavier items that might damage the drawers. Plastic storage containers also come in clear plastic container versions, which allow you to easily see the content of the boxes. You can also find plenty of stackable storage containers with drawers made from plastic, as this material is also extremely lightweight.

Wood is the next material to consider. Wooden storage containers with drawers feature an aesthetically pleasing and rustic look that fits most decoration schemes. In addition, these containers are very durable, as they can withstand a lot of damage without needing to be replaced regularly. That said, these containers can be a bit heavy, so it might be challenging to move them around when you need to rearrange your room. 

Wicker storage containers are also getting more and more popular in recent years. There are some excellent reasons for that. Wicker is a reliable material, and it is also extremely lightweight, so you can quickly move these storage containers around. However, wicker storage containers are not waterproof, so the content of these containers will get damaged by water if exposed to rain or storms. 

Storage Chests: a Good Choice?

Storage chests are a kind of storage container that has been receiving a lot of attention lately. You should totally consider getting them for your living area. These chests feature a classy and vintage vibe that will add more glow to your room. They are also relatively easy to work with since you simply have to lift up the lid to store your items inside them. That said, they do have one major downside. You might find it hard to fit all the items you need into storage chests, and these chests might make it a bit harder for you to sort out your items by category. 

Decide What to Put Into the Containers

The content of your storage containers should be the most important factor determining what kind of storage container you should get. For example, suppose you are storing heavier items such as shoes and clothes. In that case, stackable storage containers might be the best choice, as these models come with boxes that will help you sort out your items more easily. On the other hand, storage chests could be what you are looking for storing toys, journals, or books since you won’t need as much space. 

Measure Your Room

Storage containers are going to take some bit of space in your room. If you accidentally buy a container that is way too large for the room, you might have to return it. This process can be extremely annoying and time-consuming. As a result, you should also measure your room beforehand and decide upon the spot where you will put your storage containers. For example, small storage containers with drawers might not hold a lot of items. Still, they will be the perfect choice for rooms with minimal available space. On the other hand, if you have the luxury of space, it could be a good idea to get a large storage container with stackable boxes.