Shoe Storage Benches

Shoe storage is one of the most important aspects of your home, especially if you receive lots of visitors and guests. For example, shoes are not organized and arranged in an orderly manner. In that case, the house's overall aesthetics will suffer, and the guests might get the impression that you are a messy homeowner. Buying shoe storage benches is one of the best ways to store and organize shoes. Shoe storage benches feature a lot of space to keep your shoes. If you can get an elaborate piece, these benches are an excellent way to impress your guests.

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Take Your Available Space Into Consideration

Space is a luxury in most houses, and the sad truth is that you won't have unlimited space for your shoe benches and storage. The entryway benches with shoe storage are often placed in the entryway, usually a very narrow spot. For that reason, the first step you should take is to consider the available space and how much you can allocate to your shoe storage benches. This step will make it much easier for you to choose the type of storage bench that fits your home. 

Choose the Appropriate Shoe Storage Bench Type

The next step should be to choose the design that fits your home. For example, you could select two main shoe storage bench types from Chest storage benches and open storage benches. Each of these storage bench types has its own benefits.

Chest storage benches are literally chests with storage space within them. When you need to store shoes inside these benches, you will have to lift the opening up and put your shoes in. Visitors can sit on top of the bench when they are removing their shoes for extra comfort. These models are some of the best entry benches shoe storage due to their vintage and warm look, which will elevate this space. However, these benches do have a noticeable downside: They do not allow you to put a lot of shoes inside, and it can be hard to arrange the shoes by type with these benches. 

Open storage benches don't come with storage space within them. Instead, they feature open storage lockers beneath the bench, allowing you to easily store your shoes without having to push up the bench itself. In addition, these benches will let you store a lot more shoes than chest-storage benches, so if you tend to get a lot of visitors, open storage benches will be a better choice. 

To Cushion or Not to Cushion?

Shoe storage benches are not designed solely to store shoes. In fact, these benches can be used as seats for guests waiting for the host or for guests who are putting their shoes away. Thus, you will have to choose between cushioned and non-cushioned mudroom benches with shoe storage.

Cushioned benches will offer optimal comfort, and they will elevate the look of the room considerably. That said, these benches tend to be expensive as well. Buy the version with genuine leather. You will have to regularly maintain the cushion so that it can retain its comfort level. 

Non-cushioned benches are less impressive than cushioned versions, and they certainly are less comfortable to sit on. That said, since few people spend a lot of time sitting on shoe storage benches, your guests will almost certainly not complain a lot. Non-cushioned benches also feature a rustic and minimalist vibe that will undoubtedly go well with most modern homes. 

Don't Forget About the Assembly Steps

Assembling storage benches might be fun for some. Still, it is not a fun process for most people, especially if they are not savvy enough. For this reason, don't forget to check whether your shoe storage benches will need assembly. Most models also come with a manual to assist with the assembly, so don't be discouraged if you have to assemble the bench on your own. 

Consider the Materials

Shoe storage benches don't necessarily have to be made from wood. Metal shoe storage benches also exist, and they do offer some noticeable benefits. Shoe storage benches made from metal boast an industrial and modern look that will go well with a modern apartment. They are also quite durable, so you won't have to replace them regularly.