Shoe Cabinets

Unorganized shoe storage will negatively affect the overall appearance of your home. The shoes will be the first thing your visitors notice when they cross through the door into your home. If the shoes are poorly organized, your visitors will have a bad first impression of your home, which can be quite difficult to shake off. One of the best ways to organize all the shoes in your home is to put them inside shoe cabinets. These cabinets offer a lot of space for shoes. You can even store many other miscellaneous items inside these cabinets as well!

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Shoe Racks vs. Shoe Cabinets

Shoe cabinets are not the only option you have in your hands. Shoe racks are another popular option useful in many different situations. Shoe racks are much less elaborate than shoe cabinets, and they generally do not take up a lot of space. Meanwhile, if you are going for shoe cabinets, there will be a lot of different styles and designs. Shoe cabinets also come with doors that will protect your shoes from dust build-ups as well as other environmental elements. The downside, however, is that most shoe cabinets can take up quite a lot of space, so you will need to prepare a spacious zone to place your shoe cabinets.

Estimate the Needed Capacity First

Your shoe cabinets cannot store an infinite number of shoes, as there are limits to their capacity. As a result, you might want to estimate how many shoes you want to put inside the cabinets first. This will help you establish the number of drawers and the number of racks your shoe cabinets should have. With this information, you will never have the risk of running out of spots for your visitors’ shoes!

Types of Shoes You Are Storing in the Shoe Cabinet

The kinds of shoes you will store in your shoe cabinet will also determine your purchasing process. This factor will have a very strong influence on the design style of your shoe cabinet. For example, suppose you are storing a lot of leather boots. In that case, it might be a good idea to go for a closed shoe cabinet. This has doors and other protective measures that prevent dust from settling on these boots, negatively affecting their appearance. On the other hand, suppose you are storing a lot of sneakers and other kinds of shoes. In that case, however, an open-end design might be preferred, as these daily-wear sneakers do not need to be completely spotless all the time.

A Balance Between Form and Function

It certainly is a huge temptation to go for the most beautiful shoe cabinets when browsing for the best shoe cabinets. Still, you have to keep in mind that the cabinets themselves have to fulfill their own functions. For example, suppose you choose a shoe cabinet to store your socks and other related items. In that case, you might want to prioritize the cabinets with a lot of different drawers so that you can sort out the items more quickly. Finding the right balance between the appearance and function of your shoe cabinets will allow you to use the cabinet for a long time without worrying about buying replacements.

Different Materials Can Have Different Effects

Shoe cabinets made from different materials will invariably be different from one another. This is why you should also pay attention to the materials when you are on the hunt for the perfect shoe cabinet. The most popular materials for shoe cabinets are wood and metal.

Wooden shoe cabinets are probably the most common shoe cabinets around. They boast an outstanding look that easily fits into any decoration scheme. They also add a more rustic and vintage vibe to the room as a whole. When it comes to durability, wooden shoe cabinets are also reasonably tough. Still, you might want to maintain them regularly to prevent damage to the wood grains.

Metal shoe cabinets are decidedly much rarer than wooden cabinets. However, they are still stunning pieces that will instantly capture the attention of any visitor to your home. These cabinets are made for industrial-styled homes, and they will brighten your home with their metallic gleam. Metal shoe cabinets are also comparatively durable, so toughness will not be an issue.