Many people probably don't realize how essential storage shelves are in our daily lives. Storage shelves are required in the bedroom, dining room, kitchen area, bathroom, and even in the office to keep everything organized and in place for a clutter-free space. In fact, every room has a shelving need of its own to display your prized possessions, keep your daily essentials, or store important files and documents. Storage shelves are a must-have because they serve as both a practical solution to keep the mess away and also as a decorative accent to give your interior a phenomenally sophisticated look. So how about we walk you through choosing the best storage shelves for your place that align with your taste of style and suit your needs as well? 

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Shelves

Before purchasing new shelves for your home, you must make an informed decision. So, ask yourself, "What do I need the storage for?" and "Will it fit in the space I need it in?" To ensure optimal usage and safety, take into account the size, shape, material, and weight capacity of the shelves.

Size and Shape of the Shelves

First and foremost, consider the items you need to store on the shelves, as this will be the key factor in determining the type and size of shelves you require. Floating shelves are an excellent choice for areas where regular shelves would be impractical. It provides additional storage in small areas without taking up valuable floor space while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Floating shelves are a perfect addition for displaying potted plants, photographs, souvenirs, and figurines to add a modern touch to your living room or kitchen area. 

If you need closet shelves for your garments, choose one with separate space for hanging clothes and racks to hold folded garments. However, for bathroom shelves, rolling carts around the corners or over the toilet storage units of the appropriate size are all you need to maximize space and keep everything organized and within reach. 

Tall shelves can be used in large dining or living rooms, but they can be tricky to style because people tend to pile more stuff onto them for the extra space they provide, making the entire piece look even more cluttered and chaotic. But being a bit strategic with styling by mixing different shaped and sized items on the shelves will not overwhelm the space and maintain the harmony of the room. In terms of visual appeal, heavily embellished shelves usually complement traditionally styled interiors, whereas modern homes lean towards subtle tones and clean-lined design for a classy look.

Suitable Material and Weight Capacity of the Shelves

Choose the material and finish wisely based on the environment in which the shelving will be installed. Hardwood shelving is a popular choice for dry indoor spaces because it is easy to care for and durable enough to withstand damage, but powder-coated or lacquered finish shelvings are also suitable options. Damp areas, on the other hand, necessitate galvanized finish shelving solutions to prevent rusting and corrosion. You can also opt for stainless steel which is a common material and is water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for both damp and dry environments, while the smooth and shiny surface enhances the visual impact of any space. 

One of the most significant factors is the weight capacity of the shelf levels, whether they are bathroom shelves, wall shelves, or other storage shelves. We always recommend that you select wall shelves or storage cabinets with a greater weight capacity than you require. For a balanced effect, try spreading the weights evenly across the length of the levels, as concentrating a heavily weighted item in the center may result in collapse. Furthermore, it is best to store relatively heavy objects on the lower racks to minimize damage and ensure safety.

Points to Remember: 

1. Determine the size of the shelves you'll need for a specific area in your home or office space. An oversized shelving solution will disrupt the harmony of its surrounding decors and make the room feel cramped.

2. Consider the environment in which the shelves will be used, as this will play an important role in selecting the right material that will last long and serve you for years to come. 

3. Select shelves with a slightly higher weight capacity than you require to ensure that the objects placed on them are fully supported and there is no risk of unanticipated damage.

4. Make sure the design and coloring of the shelves complement the aesthetic of your interior theme. Soft and light-toned shelves matching the color of the walls will give an impression of a larger space while bold and dark-colored shelves will make a statement in the room. 

Questions & Answers

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The cheapest product is 4 Wire Shelving Metal Adjustable Storage Rack with Removable Hooks

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All Shelves on Interiorbeat ships to all states in the US.

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At Interiorbeat we have 5 brands in Shelves. The brand with most products is Costway, but also HomCom and Martin Furniture are popular brands.

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