Jewelry Cabinets

Jewelry pieces are exquisite decorative items that true connoisseurs highly covet. Unfortunately, these pieces are also quite expensive and quite fragile, so they need proper storage. If you own a lot of jewelry, buying jewelry cabinets is one of the best ways to store and showcase all of your most coveted pieces of jewelry. Jewelry cabinets offer good protection that will disincentivize any potential thief. They are designed in such a way that all pieces will be able to shine. Because jewelry cabinets store such important pieces, choosing the suitable jewelry wall cabinets for your home is essential.

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Consider the Types of Jewelry Cabinets You Are Getting

Surprisingly, there are many types of jewelry cabinets you could consider getting! Free-standing jewelry cabinets are some of the most elaborate and intricate jewelry cabinets around. They will help elevate your dressing room. These pieces can also stand on their own without the need for additional support, hence the name free-standing jewelry cabinets. That said, this type of jewelry cabinet requires a lot of space, so if you have limited space in your room, this might not be the best choice for you.

The other popular type is hanging jewelry cabinets. These pieces are hinged to a section of the wall, and they require a bit of installation before you can hang the cabinets on the wall. Wall jewelry cabinets have one major advantage: They do not cost a lot of space. You can quickly put another piece of furniture underneath them with ease. As a result, these cabinets are the perfect choice for homeowners with limited space. They still boast a stunning design that will harmonize well with your pieces of jewelry. 

Mirrors: the Perfect Addition to Your Cabinets

If you are getting a free-standing jewelry cabinet, it might be a good idea to get the one that comes with an extra mirror. The mirror will not only allow you to check your current outfit and check if the piece of jewelry will fit you. But it also adds considerable depth to the room, making it appear spacier than it really is. So even if you have a spacious room, jewelry cabinets with mirrors will still be a great feature piece for your room.

Estimate the Size of Your Collection First

The jewelry cabinet you are going to buy will have to accommodate all the pieces of your collection. So it is vital to estimate the size of your collection first. This will help you know how many drawers the cabinet should have and how large it should be. If you buy a too-small cabinet for your collection, you will have to return it and get a new one, which will be a considerable nuisance for some. 

Don't Forget About the Security

Jewelry cabinets are supposed to keep your jewelry safe, so there should be security measures that keep all of your precious pieces of jewelry safe. Of course, the most reliable security measure is still a lock that can keep away nosy hands, but you could also get locking jewelry cabinets with secret compartments, where you can store your most coveted pieces without anyone knowing.

Pay Extra Attention to the Construction of the Cabinets

Jewelry cabinets don't have to be the most durable pieces in your house, but they should be able to withstand the test of time. The construction and the material of your cabinets are two crucial factors determining how tough the cabinets will be. Sturdy jewelry cabinets are made from solid wood and wood veneers, which boast amazing durability. 

When you search for the right jewelry cabinet, don't forget to check for the cabinet's construction. Staples are red flags. You should be looking for cabinets that employ glue, clamps, dowels, and screws instead. The drawers and doors should also open and close smoothly. 

Check for Any Extra Features

Some jewelry cabinets do come with some very nice extra features. While these features are unnecessary, they will help you sort out your collection easily and showcase your most coveted pieces. Some notable features to consider include bracelet holders, ring pads, and divided compartments.