No matter how big or small your home is, storage still remains one of the crucial of elements for creating living spaces that are comfortable, functional, and stylish. Storage spaces allow us to better organize our living and working areas. Gone are the days when storage was generally used for concealing the clutter, we keep piling up all over the place. Today, storage spaces are part and parcel of the whole living experience, with trendy but functional storage spaces incorporated into the décor of all the living areas at home – living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, the den and even the outdoor and games room.

Having effective storage helps us stay organized and hassle-free while the home looks neat and tidy. Having the right storage means that you know where something is when you need it. All translating to time saved which you can put to better use. Trendy storage furniture and accessories can be an indicator of class and persona.

Types of Home Storage

Almost every room in your house requires storage capacity to accommodate the specific types of materials or items that need to be stored. For example, the you would need to space to park your clothes and linen in the bedroom. Similarly, the kitchen requires storage for utensils, groceries and other daily requirements. If you walk into the bathroom, you’ll find that storage space is factored for the toiletries, towels and even the laundry. And then, the children’s room will require storage space for their books, toys, games, and clothes. The list of options and possibilities is endless. Ultimately, storage helps in keeping your home neat, tidy, and classy.

Storage layouts

Living Room Storage

This area takes pride of place in the home as it is the first place that visitors set their eyes on, and first impressions are gained. It makes sense to organise storage for functional purposes as well as for the eye. You can build in storage capacity by strategically positioning wall side cabinets and shelves to optimise convenience as well as give the room an attractive look and feel. The idea is to minimise clutter by concealing the living room necessities even as they are organized for easy access. Multi-functional furniture is a great way to incorporate storage elements subtly into the décor.

Bedroom Storage

Among the larger rooms of the house, the bedroom also has large scope for storage. Apart from closets, cabinets and shelves, you can opt for corner tables and tables to shore up storage capacity for all the items that you use routinely or even seasonally. And finally, your bed is the biggest storage space in the entire room. The bottom of your bed provides sufficient space for all those winter clothing and blankets you don’t need during rest of the year.

Dining Room Storage

Since it is the place where you have your meals and socialize with family and friends, the storage space here is mostly utilized for dining accessories like cutlery and dinner sets display. This is achieved through attractive sideboards that take up wall space and show off your prized family dinner sets to advantage. You can also opt for wall-leaning cabinets, and convenient corner tables. Make sure that the furniture is placed along the walls and does not impede free movement or seating in the room.

Bathroom Storage

Here, you have to factor in storage that can protect your possessions from the heat and moisture that are part and parcel of the bathroom as you go through your daily ablutions. Closets for the towels, toiletries, and laundry comprise the bulk of storage space in the bathroom.

Children’s Room Storage

Ironically, the most storage space is required for the youngest members of the family. Children have so much of stuff that it’s impossible to keep their room clutter-free. But it’s an enjoyable challenge, thanks to the variety of storage options available for their room. Creativity has no bar here as you can choose from cartoon character themed storage options in terms of shelves, cabinets, cupboards, bed storage and so on. Remember, you need space to store their school books, games, toys, clothes, activity books, their shoes and virtually everything under the sun! So, get ready for the time of your life when choosing storage furniture for the children’s room.

Types of Storage Furniture

Sideboards and Cabinets – Are the mainstay of storage furniture. Sideboards generally contain drawers and are positioned beside the sofa. Cabinets have glass doors, and very handy for displaying decorative elements or mementos. The tops of sideboards and cabinets offer a convenient place for placing your books or art pieces.

Shelves – It is a horizontal arrangement meant for storing and displaying items ranging from books to utility items and decorative pieces. They are available in open and closed styles, with wood used for protection and glass used for display purposes.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables– The ideal storage pieces for the living rooms, coffee tables are low tables that allow you to cozy up with friends over a nice cup of coffee. You can use coffee tables and side tables for keep an assortment of knick-knacks such as TV remote controls, flower vases, newspapers, and magazines.

Storage Tips

Arrange by frequency of usage: Organize your furniture placement on the basis of usability. For example, the laundry basket can be placed in the closet. Similarly keep the dresser by your bed, while the hooks, for hanging your coats and bags, would be useful near the room entrance.

Carve out storage space in the headboard too: Apart from giving your head some resting space, your bed’s headboard can be a good place for storage space also. Use it to place books, iPod, laptop, spectacles, your medicines, and sundry items that you need when you’re in bed.

Convert the back of your bathroom door to a laundry hamper: Instead of giving up three square feet of precious floor space for storing dirty laundry, simply hang your dirty clothes hamper on the back of the bathroom door. This way, it is out of sight as well as convenient too.