Hallway Runners

As everybody knows, hallways are areas with huge foot traffic. So, the risk of wear and tear is always there. However, you can protect the floor of the hallways by placing runners over there. Hallway Runners are long and rectangular-shaped rugs. These are mainly placed at entryways and at areas with high foot traffic. Also, they help give a clean and impressive look to your floor. Before purchasing rug runners for the hallway, always consider size, material, and pattern suitable for your interior decor.

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Measure the Size of Floor

Always measure the area first when you purchase rug runners for the hallway. Most runners come in rectangular shapes, and sizes vary. You can choose the size of the runner according to the space of your hallway. You should measure the length of your hallway before purchasing a runner for it. It looks good if there are 3 to 4 inches of floor left from all sides after placing a runner.

Consider the Material of Runner Rugs 

Runner rugs are wool, synthetic fibers, or natural fibers. Always consider the material first when you buy a runner rug for your hallways. Because if you choose cheap hallway runners made from low-quality material, they will be less durable.

  • Synthetic fiber runner rugs are the best choice as they are more durable and stain-resistant. Another plus point for synthetic fibers is they are water-resistant, so the risk of damage due to water is less.

  • Wool runner rugs are more suitable if your hallway has more foot traffic. But at the same time, also consider that they are not as stain-resistant as synthetic fiber. 

  • Runner rugs are also available in natural fibers, including jute and sisal. But these are harsher than other rugs and also not stain-resistant.

Choose the Best Style

A wide variety of styles of hallway runners are available in the market. Always choose the best one which suits your interior design and floor. The style of the runner can give a premium look to your hall. So choose an impressive and gentle style for your hallway runner.

  • You can choose traditional style runners if the decor of your house is traditional. They will suit more with wooden floors and add quality to the floor of your hallway.

  • Runners are also available in modern style. Modern hallway runners will be suitable with both tiles and wooden floors. 

  • Natural fiber runners are also available in the market for giving an earthly touch to your floor. 

Pick a Suitable Color

Always consider your home’s color scheme, interior decor, and style while you will purchase long hallway runners. For example, if the walls of your hallway are of light or nude color, then the bright-colored rug will suit you more. If your interior has a bright color scheme, choose a color matching the color of your floor. However, you can also select a color in tune with the color of your other floor rugs. 

Pick a Suitable Pattern

Runner rugs from classic patterns to contemporary designs are available in the market. However, it becomes difficult to choose the best one when you get a wide variety of patterns. 

Striped Pattern: You can go with a striped design to give a long way look to your hallway. Striped design visually extends the size of your hallways. 

Geometric Pattern: Geometric patterns will suit you more if your interior theme is stark and moderate. They will give an elegant look to the minimalist interior.

Floral Pattern: Rugs with floral patterns are also available in the market. You can opt for these kinds of runner rugs with colorful walls.  

Consider Pile thickness

Hallway rugs from thin to thick piles are available in the market. If you put a high-pile thickness runner at your doorway, it might become difficult to open the doors. If you want to feel cozy comfort on the floor, then you should go with a shag runner. But if you want runner rugs that are easy to clean, you should choose rugs with shorter piles.