Portable Backyard Flower Garden Greenhouse (7 x 3 x 2.6-Feet)
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Portable Backyard Flower Garden Greenhouse (7 x 3 x 2.6-Feet) by Outsunny


The lightweight yet sturdy PVC coverings over a powder-coated steel frame make this portable greenhouse incredibly durable, making it perfect for any location. The zipper door provides easy access and ventilation while maintaining an internal temperature that can be controlled by opening or closing vents at different levels depending on what you are growing inside - from flowers to vegetables! This open “walk in” portable green houses utilizes two separate but related elements: its light weight & compact size allowing us the flexibility of moving easily between spaces available where we need more than just sun exposure; as well providing protection against *weather extremes such hail storms*. A thick layer o.
Reasons to buy Portable Backyard Flower Garden Greenhouse (7 x 3 x 2.6-Feet) by Outsunny:
  • Protects plants from outside elements
  • Keeps out pests for healthy plants
  • Lightweight and durable


Brand: Outsunny
Steel, PVC
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GTIN: 700729272558
Size: 7’
Last updated: 01/04/2022
IB's notes:
  • Outsunny has been in business since 2010.
  • Outsunny has told us that they partly create their products in the US.


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