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Autumn has arrived, and while the temperature is still pleasant enough to choose to spend more time outside, it is becoming increasingly chilly. But, even when the temperature begins to cool, you don't have to endure the freezing stillness or worry of smelling like a smoky bonfire for nights from a burning wood fire. So it is by having a patio heater. Patio heaters are available to keep you warm outside. Good outdoor heaters for the patio may make sitting outside during the harsh colder months comfortable and enjoyable. In addition, patio heaters can maintain bare skin heat without wrapping up or even using coverings when lounging outdoors.

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  • Commercial Patio Heater by Frontgate
    Commercial Patio Heater by Frontgate
  • Patio Heater With Glass Flame Display, Stainless Steel by Hanover
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    Patio Heater With Glass Flame Display, Stainless Steel by Hanover
  • Hammer Tone Commercial Patio Heater by Frontgate
    Hammer Tone Commercial Patio Heater by Frontgate
  • Sundry Patio Heater by Frontgate
    Sundry Patio Heater by Frontgate
  • Tahoe Patio Heater by Frontgate
    Tahoe Patio Heater by Frontgate
  • Commercial Patio Heater Tailored Cover by Frontgate
    Commercial Patio Heater Tailored Cover by Frontgate
  • Canyon Patio Heater by Frontgate
    Canyon Patio Heater by Frontgate
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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Patio Heater

With several possibilities, searching for outdoor patio heaters might be intimidating. There are many instances where you need or want to spend more time outside. However, you shouldn't have to freeze or gaze wistfully into your garden as it freezes to death in the winter if you purchase outdoor heaters for the patio! Before buying, consider the size and measurements of your area. Your patio heater should cover the whole space to be heated. The type, style, design, efficiency, durability, and safety features should also be considered. Below will cover the key things to keep in mind.

Area Size

Size is one of the most crucial considerations to make while conducting your study. Begin by calculating the width, length, and overall floor space to be maintained with the understanding that the typical warming region for any external heater is the length of your space. Therefore, the style and number of items you must select will be primarily determined by the size of your area. Then there's the aspect that mounted and standing traditional outdoor heaters emit heat in a spherical diameter, requiring them to be placed in the center of the floor.

The sort of patio heaters you require is determined by the size of your space and your particular preferences. Portable propane patio heaters are ideal for outdoor use since they can be transported to the designated points without using electrical wires. While electric patio heaters are generally safer than gas heaters when used in a semi-confined environment.

Fuel Type

  • Propane patio heaters are simple to install on your terrace or in your backyard. They usually do not demand structured wiring, so all you have to do is put them all together, connect the tank, and switch them on.

The most significant factor to consider while buying propane patio heaters is their dimensions, Btu production, and the heating circumference it reaches. Additionally, a gas heater with an anti-tip technology, which instantly turns off the heater if it is tilted past a specific inclination, is necessary. Wall-mounted, countertop and freestanding propane patio heaters are also available.

  • Electric patio heaters are often a convenient choice. Electric outdoor heaters, excluding suspended and wall-mounted types, do not necessitate any setup and may be turned on. The primary drawback is that you'll have to maintain your heaters near an outlet. These are more costly to maintain than gasoline and coal burners. Still, they're the kind of outdoor heater that may be safely used in a confined or sheltered environment. Ensure that the type you choose encompasses the entire area you wish to keep warm.


  • Wall-mounted and hanging: Those who wish to minimize floor area on their terrace prefer suspended and wall-mounted patio heaters. These heaters give forth adequate heat to keep you warm while remaining out of sight when you utilize the space. They come in a wide range of prices and sizes, but they are almost always electric.

  • Floor standing: If you decide on a gas heater, floor-standing patio heaters are a good pick and one of the most prevalent varieties you'll find. These heaters are typically taller and slender.

Freestanding and mobile units may easily be kept indoors during the summer. Still, you must purchase covers for patio heaters to cover them to keep humidity and dust away.

Points to Remember:

  • Evaluate the climate in your area throughout the times of the year when you'll be using your patio heater the most and choose a type that will work well in your environment.

  •  Whenever your patio heaters aren't being used, keep them protected to look fresh and the product's durability. So, purchase covers for patio heaters as well. 

  •  If you have limited backyard space and you and your companions like to congregate around one table or spot when you're out there, a tabletop patio heater would suffice.

Frontgate Patio Heaters and more

As with all of our categories, we will constantly be adding new patio heaters to our collection here and from new brands. We already have a number of great brands with patio heaters, including Frontgate patio heater. Remember that if you want to read more about our brands you can always have a look at our brand overview page in the top menu.

Questions and answers about Patio Heaters

What is the cheapest product in Patio Heaters?

The cheapest product is Commercial Patio Heater Tailored Cover

Do all Patio Heaters ship to me?

All Patio Heaters on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Patio Heaters?

At Interiorbeat we have 2 brands in Patio Heaters. The brand with most products is Frontgate, but also Hanover is a popular brand.