Outdoor Bistro Sets

Outdoor bistro sets are small dining sets placed in the patio or garden. These are the best option if you want to enjoy the outer environment with a cup of tea or snacks. These are specially designed to give you a much better feel than an indoor sitting area. Handling bistro sets outdoors is an easy job as most of these are easily foldable and can be stored in small areas. A variety of modern outdoor bistro sets are available in the market. Choosing the best one that suits your garden and locality depends upon various factors.

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Consider Climate Condition

Choice of outdoor bistro set highly depends upon the weather and climate of your region where you live. Some manufacturing materials are typically designed for heavy rainfall, while others are for direct sun exposure. Always go with that material that is suitable in summer and winter. 

  • If there is humidity in the environment, you can choose aluminum bistro sets because aluminum won't rust and is lightweight. So, you can easily take your bistro set inside in case of heavy wind. You can also choose aluminum for hot weather because aluminum has a feature of heat absorption, so you can use aluminum bistro sets in gardens.

  • Steel and Wrought iron are the most suitable if there is zero humidity in the air. Chances of rusting are less in the dry environment. You can go with steel and wrought iron.

  • Wooden or wicker material will be the best choice for cold weather. Because both solid wood and wicker can absorb the air's moisture, wooden bistro sets will be more long-lasting in a cold environment. 


Style is also a major factor that can affect the choice of outdoor bistro sets. Always choose that bistro set which is more suitable with the style of your other furniture and with the garden. Choosing the same style of outdoor furniture bistro set as indoor furniture will give an elegant look to your garden. 

For example, you can choose from painted wicker bistro sets or glass tables with aluminum bases and chairs. You can also choose from various contemporary bistro table set styles that will set you in a bright mood for any occasion.

Size of Garden

Always measure the size of your garden before you purchase the bistro set. You can opt for outdoor bistro dining sets if your patio or garden has a large space. Also, it will be the best choice if you want to enjoy your meal with your family by sitting in the garden. Furthermore, large bistro sets also make it easier to host a number of people.

Small outdoor bistro sets will be more suitable if your garden or patio is also of small size. Generally, small outdoor bistro sets are designed with a small table and two or four chairs. These will be preferable if you want to enjoy a cup of tea by sitting alone in the garden. 

Maintenance and Storage

Another aspect that can change the choice for bistro sets is their maintenance and storage. It will be recommendable to choose that bistro set which can be maintained easily.

  • You can wash aluminum and steel bistro sets with water and soap. Another advantage of aluminum or steel bistro sets is that they are lightweight. So, you can put them inside in case of high wind or rainfall.

  • Wooden bistro sets can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Also, you can re-varnish or paint them to maintain their shine.


You can purchase a wooden bistro set as it is durable and suitable in almost all weather conditions. Moreover, wooden bistro sets give a premium look to your garden and are suitable for all decor themes.