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Watering your lawn or garden is basic maintenance and care. It ensures that the lust green grass remains healthy and the flowers have enough moisture to bloom. But that doesn't make watering the garden an easy task, especially when you have to spend time winding and unwinding every time. The job gets even hectic if you have a large or more than one lawn. And the only solution here is to get a garden hose reel for your property. Although, you might have to spend some time searching for the best reel based on the sizes, durability, and portability you expect.

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Type of Garden Hoses

The placement and the design of the garden hose reels can be classified into the following types.

Stationary: This type is a standard hose reel type usually fixed on a wall or stand. You have to use a manual winding mechanism to roll the hose. The type is affordable, simple to operate, and comes in plastic and metal materials.

Portable: The portable hose reels are much like the stationery reels in build. They also come with a similar build and have an identical mechanism to roll the hose. The only difference here is that the reel has four wheels that you can use to move it around. The type is best suited for large places. You can also consider if you have more than one garden to water.

Carts: The cart-type garden hose is similar to the portable garden hose reels in terms of design. This type also comes with a set of wheels that you can use to move it around. However, you have shelves and storage compartments in the hose reel cart in this case. You can use them to store your stuff.

Hideaway: The hideaway garden hose reel is a concealed-type hose reel design. Usually, the reel comes in a closed box-like shape that hides the hose. It has an opening to pull out the hose when needed. It's best if you don't use the garden hose regularly.


If you target a certain aesthetic landscape and need a hose reel to match it, decorative reels are an option. These reels have an elegant finish that adds a focal point to your place.


Garden hose reels need to offer flexibility and resistance against moisture. It also needs decent strength and life. Thus, you will generally find it in metals, plastic, fiberglass, or resin.

The metallic hose reels are best in terms of strength and durability. They also offer a great appeal and can withstand a great temperature range. Metals like stainless steel are also great in weather resistance. However, the material is heavy and not that suitable for DIY gardeners or home uses. It's most suitable for industrial garden hose reels.

Plastic and fiberglass are a lighter alternative against metallic hose reels. They are also better in terms of life and water resistance. But of course, both of these materials are slightly fragile and may crack or even break if used with heavy hoses.

As for resin-based hose reels, the material is smooth, rust-resistant, and needs minimal care. The type is mostly used in box type or hideaway hose reels.

Automatic vs. Manual

One of the most important factors when selecting a garden hose reel is its mechanism for rewinding the hose. The reels have a manual or automatic mechanism to wind the hoses and are extremely good for storing them safely. Usually, there are two common types that you can consider-automatic and manual.

Automatic: As the name suggests, the automatic hose reels have a self-winding mechanism. It will include a button or lever that you can pull or press to retrieve the hose.

Manual: The manual hose reels don't have a self-winding button or level compared to the automatic rewind garden hose reels. Instead, they offer a crank that you can rotate to wind the garden hose.

The type you select is up to your garden area. For instance, if you have a large garden, it will need a long hose. Manually rewinding this hose can consume a lot of time, whereas a small garden or lawn. You won't have any issue using the manual crank.

Another significant factor here is the price. The automatic hose comes with a complex mechanism and sometimes an electric motor for retrieving the hose. Therefore, they will cost a lot more than the manual models. Consequently, they are not suitable if you have a limited budget.