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Fences and Gates are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home. Not just this, but they also provide privacy and keep children and pets safe. Gates and fences come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. You should choose the one that caters to your needs and suits your budget. People often think selecting fences and gates is a simple task. However, it can be challenging to choose the accurate fences and gates as it comes with various choices. You can consider different factors like budget, material, features, and more to narrow down the list.

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You should be aware of all the attributes in detail on what you should look at in the fences and gates. Then, make sure the one you choose fits your budget and requirements.


It is essential to determine the purpose of fences and gates. It will help determine the gates and fences' height and other vital features. There are four basic categories of gates and fences, which includes:

Privacy Fences and Gates

These types of fences and gates are used to safeguard the privacy of your home and yard from the neighbor's eyes. These types of gates are available in multiple options, including tightly spaced boards, pockets, and framed panels that prevent anyone from viewing the home or yard. In addition, these types of fences are around six feet tall and provide a tropical feel to your backyard.

Security Fences and Gates

If someone wants to keep the burglars out, these fences and gates are a great choice. These are over 6 ft tall and have spiky tops or pickets that prohibit anyone from climbing over. Furthermore, the outer face of these fences is so smooth that climbers will not get a foothold.

Decorative Gates and Fences

If you want to establish property lines, add a structural feature, or enhance the curb appeal, always consider decorative gates and fences. You can choose between two or four feet tall fences with ornamental designs. Keep in mind that people can still view the yard as they do not obstruct the home view.

Safety Fences and Gates

If you want to enclose a particular area without changing the view, they are the right option. These are also known as metal fences and gates as they consist of durable galvanized metal mesh.


The material used for making the outdoor gates and fences is almost the same. The following are the materials used to build fences and gates.

Wood: The most famous material for fences and gates is wood. It comes in various options, from basic lumber to rustic split rails. Pre Cut fence boards, classic pickets, pre-primed fence sections are common choices.

Make sure to choose the wood treated with preservatives or go for the decay-resistant wood like redwood heartwood or cedar.


While building a gate or a fence, try to avoid the wood having defects like warping, splitting, open knots that may disturb the fence's structure. It is suggested to coat them with stain, wood preservative, or paint for protection against weathering.

Metal: If you are looking for durable yet attractive options, you can choose the metal fences and gates. For iron gates and fences, make sure to apply a rust-resistant topcoat or a suitable primer for protection against rusting. Metal is among the most popular and traditional materials for both gates and fences.

Vinyl: You can consider vinyl fences and gates if you want some low-maintenance material. The vinyl gates have a smooth surface with no sharp edges and splinters. Also, this material is rot, weather, and fade resistant.