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In the era of technology, everything has become easier for people. Innovations are taking over from big gadgets to smaller ones, and people are getting used to them. The computer is one of them, and people use computers for hours in their day-to-day lives. Monitor stands are the most crucial accessory related to the computer. These stands are purposely made for the workers and students who spend their whole day before the computer screen. Monitor stands not only save space but also help in maintaining a perfect body posture while working.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Monitor Stands

According to research, turning your face over to gaze at the screen all day can indicate underlying vision and spinal and neck problems. And, if done for an extended period, it can lead to postural problems. So, there is a need to choose monitor stands that will update your workstation from a standard desk and monitor configuration to something that provides overall optimal elevation. But before buying these monitor stands, there are some critical factors that you must keep in mind.

Monitor Weight and Size 

One of the best features of monitor stands is how flexible they are. You can, for example, place 2 - 3 screens beside each other. If you plan to connect two or more displays, remember to check the load capacity of each stand separately. A small and portable monitor stand will not hold a large and hefty monitor. Likewise, a smaller monitor will not fit neatly in a larger monitor stand. As a result, you must locate the ideal stand. You'll first need to determine the monitor's size to do so. Next, check the measurements of your monitor to ensure it is compatible with the stand, and then select the appropriate size monitor stand.


The space behind your work desk is also essential when buying monitor stands. It would be best if you had enough area to easily adjust the stand without getting any obstruction from the wall. It's critical to understand where or how your screen and monitor stand. This will depend on your workstation, mainly if space is limited. 


One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing monitor stands is attaching. Monitor stands are often equipped with either clamping or a hole attachment, or perhaps both. You can even opt for other options such as wall attachment or freestanding.

A hole attachment would go through a central hole in your office's desktop. You place your monitor stand from this slot, with components compressing on top and underneath your workpiece surface, whereas the other is through clamping. A clamped mounting is an attachment mechanism that wraps around your workpiece surface to hold it firmly in position.

Wall-attached stands are ideal if you need to place your monitor in front of no work area. Or if you are determined about sticking to a particular table layout. The productivity it gives is despite the limitation of flexibility. Wall installations are pretty sturdy and can save a lot of room, though they are a little more complicated to set up and shift if required. The easiest choice is a monitor stand with an independent base that has to be placed on your workstation or another work area. This stand-style requires no cutting or other complex fixing methods. Because it isn't tied to your workstation, your screen can slide throughout your workplace as needed.

Points to Remember:

  • When you work or recline on your workstation, the monitor stands vibrate or bounce about on the tabletop, exaggerating the movement. So when going to purchase monitor stands, make sure to consider their stability.

  • Most monitor stands offer you to customize the elevation of your display, allowing you to place it in the most comfortable posture for you. In addition, some feature a different method that enables you to modify the elevation on the move, which is helpful if you use a desk with individuals of different proportions.

  • Extra trays for holding a keyboard or tablet are connected to specific display stands. If your tablet or laptop doubles as a pc or if you require some more room in your workspace, this is ideal. You can go for these types of monitor stands according to your preference. 

Questions and answers about Monitor Stands

What is the cheapest product in Monitor Stands?

The cheapest product is Robust TABRMAMPS Wall Mount for Tablet PC

Do all Monitor Stands ship to me?

All Monitor Stands on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Monitor Stands?

At Interiorbeat we have 7 brands in Monitor Stands. The brand with most products is StarTech, but also Peerless AV and Amer Mounts are popular brands.