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Do you feel tired all day and fail to achieve the productivity you need at work? Well, that could be a reason for an unhealthy posture that has a lot of detrimental effects on your body. Office stools are a great way to improve your posture and work efficiently for long hours by encouraging active sitting and getting rid of your office-slouch body. Unfortunately, with so many options out there in the market, finding an office stool that suits your needs can be challenging. But don't worry, there's help!

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What to Look for in an Office Stool?

If you prefer office stools for your workspace, make sure they are comfortable enough to boost productivity. You should select an office stool based on the type of work you do. Choosing the right office stools will improve your posture and core strength, lowering your risk of chronic low back pain when working long hours at a desk job. To get your hands on the best office stools, keep the following factors in mind when shopping. 

Height Adjustability

One of the vital factors to consider when buying office stools is their height adjustability. You should be able to adjust the height of your office stool to a comfortable level that doesn't make your thigh feel compressed. For maximum comfort and a proper posture, make sure your feet are flat on the surface of the floor. Getting one with a lever would be even better because it would allow you to adjust the height higher or lower as needed.

Padding & Material

When it comes to padding for your office stool, staying away from the extremes is recommended. If you need the stool for long hours of work, it's best to avoid padding that's too hard or too soft, as this will make you feel very uncomfortable. A hard seat surface will hurt after a few hours, while a soft one would fail to provide adequate support. Furthermore, the stool material should be considered to determine how comfortable the seat will be for an extended period. Choosing a breathable material would be more comfortable to sit on than a non-breathable one. 

Seat Surface & Depth

The seat surface of your office stool should be wide enough to allow for a pleasant sitting experience. In contrast, a deeper seat will let you sit at ease without having to press the back of your knees. For office stools with backs, you should be able to use the backrest for lumbar support while still having at least a 2-inch gap between your knees and the seat. If you are tall, we recommend getting a deeper seat, but a shallower seat will suffice if you are short.

Weight Capacity

Office stools can support a wide range of weights. The amount of weight that your office stool can support is essential to consider before purchasing it. In addition, it will give you an idea of how sturdy the stool is. Although the standard weight capacity of stools for offices should be around 250 lbs, large and tall office stools can handle much more weight. Weight capacity should not be taken lightly. If the maximum weight limit is exceeded, it can severely reduce the lifespan of the stool and, even worse, injure the person sitting on it. 

Easier Movement

A functional office stool allows you to easily transition from one position to another without straining yourself. So make sure to get office stools with wheels and swivels for ease of mobility. Rotating your chair 360 degrees to get the desired item and reach other ends of your desk will maximize work efficiency. However, when choosing an office stool on wheels, make sure it's designed for the floor in your office; otherwise, it would damage the floor or carpeting. Casters can be easily moved on low-pile carpeting or hardwood floors. 

Bottom Line

We highly recommend you to spend some time and choose office chairs that perfectly align with your requirements. Purchasing office stools may seem to be a no-brainer. Still, there are, in fact, some significant factors to consider before you buy one. Office stools are made to keep your back straight and encourage your pelvis into a more neutral position. Reducing back pain and improving posture for increased productivity. Everything from height adjustability, weight capacity, seat depth, and material to mobility plays a role in getting your hands on the best stools for your office. Even if you have the most comfortable office stool, we recommend that you do not sit on it for too long and that you take frequent short breaks for your physical and mental health.