Active Seating Chairs

There is a wiser, healthier way to sit regardless of performing, known as active seating. Active seating encourages healthy posture while promoting the natural immunity needed for motion circulatory, vitality, and fluidity. You obviously wouldn't need research to inform a person that staying stationary for long periods is bad for health. However, it can make you rigid, sore, restless, and therefore unable to concentrate. In addition, when you factor in business hours, transit time, and seating down and eat or unwind in the afternoon, your cumulative seating duration may be much higher.

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  • Argyle Lounge Swivel Chair by Lorell
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    Office Depot
    Argyle Lounge Swivel Chair by Lorell
  • Twixt® Active Seating Chair by Safco Office Furniture
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    Twixt® Active Seating Chair by Safco Office Furniture
  • Twixt® Active Seating Chair, Extended-Height by Safco Office Furniture
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    Twixt® Active Seating Chair, Extended-Height by Safco Office Furniture
  • Lucille Swivel Ball Chair by Dauphin
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    Lucille Swivel Ball Chair by Dauphin
  • Mobis® II Seat by Safco Office Furniture
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    Mobis® II Seat by Safco Office Furniture
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What to Consider While Buying Active Seating Chairs?

An active seating chair that encourages movement will help you get more exercise constantly. Active seating chairs automatically cause you to feel highly awake by allowing you to wiggle and stretch without diverting you from your task. Active seating chairs are ideal for helping you relax while working without putting any strain on your back and improving the mobility of your stiff body. Check out some crucial factors that you must consider before purchasing these stunning chairs.


It's pointless to use an active seating chair if you do not have the necessary space. Before buying an active chair, you should figure out how much area you have to play with. You don't have to get out of your chair due to the casters on the most active seating chairs. You can rotate your way about the workplace like a boss, retrieving documents from one end and returning to your workstation without getting up.


Some active seating chairs can be fitted with different sizes of rollers, enabling up to some centimeters increase in the chair's height. Bigger wheels can be suited for heavier loads and are relatively flexible. Different types of rollers are also available for various floorings. For usage on carpets, most swivel chairs will come with a conventional carpet roller. Soft wheels for hard surfaces, slides, and pressure holding or freeing rollers are all options.


Ensure to match the elevation of your active seating chair to the level of the table you'll be using it at. You must be aware of your desk's size. Your chair should be adjustable to the level of the table for which it is being purchased. Some active chairs can be connected with various lifting levels; you may need a big rise if your table is taller. If your table is shorter, you may need a short or tiny gas thrust. If you can't get various flow boost heights for your chair, you might be able to get alternative wheels to elevate or decrease the chair in small increments.


The quality of added comfort is likely the most crucial component of active seating chairs. How much is available, and where does it come from? Various chair molds and backrest forms would provide varying levels of support. The lumbar or back muscles curvature should be prominent, with a bit of bend or conformed body type for the rest of the back. Consider that everyone is unique, and vastly different shaping will be rather pleasant for them. The lumbar support must always be completely customizable, and some active chairs additionally allow for profound back assist modification. In contrast, you can customize the back support to the proper horizontal and vertical direction in the active seating chair and adjust it as needed.

Points to Remember

  • Check for height adjustments as it allows you to utilize it as an active chair and stand-up support to lean your back. A variety of business professionals can also use it. 

  • Even though some people would find that back designs contour the body uniquely and provide superior support, the backrest form is primarily aesthetic. As a result, the decision comes down to how you want to look against how comfortable you want to be in the active seating chair.

  • Lighter-weight active seating chairs offer the advantage of allowing you to quickly and easily transfer among your usual chair and those of your colleagues. It can be a significant factor, particularly if you're still becoming acclimated to your new chair and will be switching a lot.

Questions and answers about Active Seating Chairs

What is the cheapest product in Active Seating Chairs?

The cheapest product is Twixt® Active Seating Chair

Do all Active Seating Chairs ship to me?

All Active Seating Chairs on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Active Seating Chairs?

At Interiorbeat we have 3 brands in Active Seating Chairs. The brand with most products is Safco Furniture, but also Dauphin and Lorell are popular brands.