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Bulletin boards are the staple for every office, as they are the place where office workers can put on notices for the whole office to read. In addition, office workers will flock to office bulletin boards to check them out whenever there is a new announcement. For this reason, bulletin boards can be more than just a place where office workers read announcements; but they can be a place for communal gatherings. If you are looking for the right bulletin boards for your home office, here are some things to keep in mind.

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Bulletin Boards Can Be Decorative Pieces

If you think that bulletin boards are simple pieces for the office, you are in for a shock. There are thousands of different bulletin boards to choose from, and each one will have a different set of effects on your office.

Though decorative bulletin boards are rare, they are imposing pieces that can subtly change the overall setting of the office. In addition, these bulletin boards often have ornamental elements that will make them much more interesting and less monotonous than your average bulletin board. Adding decorative bulletin boards to your home office will help create a feature section of the wall, making the office much less monotonous and much more vibrant. In addition, it can help anyone stay productive and motivated at work. 

Pay Attention to the Materials

Bulletin boards are made from a wide variety of materials. Each material will have different effects on the finished board, so it’s a good idea to pay more attention to the material of the board you will buy. The most popular materials are cork, vinyl, fabric, and rubber.

Cork bulletin boards: Cork bulletin boards are the classic choices for bulletin boards. Made from a sustainable material, cork bulletin boards are tough and sturdy, making them the reliable partners you need for your office. Due to their incredible durability, you will not have to replace these bulletin boards regularly. Instead, try selecting cork bulletin boards with a thick layer of cork, as these models are considerably more durable.

Vinyl bulletin boards: Vinyl bulletin boards are resistant to a lot of weather conditions, and they also have antibacterial properties. Both of these properties make them a good choice for a modern office emphasizing clean environments. 

Fabric bulletin boards: Fabric-covered bulletin boards are also popular choices. These boards boast a professional and vintage look and add color to the wall, making them valuable assets in every office. Fabric-covered boards also have antimicrobial properties like vinyl bulletin boards.

Rubber bulletin boards: Rubber bulletin boards are mostly made from recycled rubber, an eco-friendly material that boasts good durability. A rubber bulletin board can handle plenty of heavy use before showing any sign of wear and tear, so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing it. 

Don’t Forget About the Size

The size of your bulletin boards is also an essential factor. It is wholly dependent on the number of announcements your office makes every month. Large bulletin boards can take on a large number of announcement notices. Still, they also take up a large area on the wall, making it difficult for the team to put other objects near them. On the other hand, small bulletin boards can only allow a limited number of notices. But their small size allows the team to relocate them to another spot if needed. The key here is to estimate the number of announcement notices you will put up on the board each month. 

Be Creative With the Frames

The frame of your bulletin boards allows you to be a little bit creative and add your own personal touch to the board. Even though the frame is just a tiny part of the board, it can change the board’s look completely, so don’t hesitate to add a decorative touch to it. Below are some of the most popular frame types. 

  • Wooden Frames: Classic and understated, wooden frames are the choice you need to add a formal and vintage touch to the bulletin board. These frames are perhaps best paired with cork bulletin boards for the best effects. 

  • Aluminum Frames: Although aluminum frames might boast an overly industrial and harsh look, they offer the best protection against environmental damage. You can actually play around with these frames by choosing different colors for them. Bronze aluminum frames are one popular choice!

  • Plastic Frames: These frames provide adequate protection while being extremely low-cost, making them the most budget-friendly choice. As with aluminum frames, you might be able to choose the color of the frame for a more personal touch.

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