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Everything needs to be perfectly sorted and organized, whether working from the office or home. Filing cabinets are essential storage furniture that reduces the clutter and makes the workplace look organized. One can easily find a particular document without any hassle. The top of the desk looks clean and tidy with the installation of file cabinets. Under the cabinet's category, fireproof file cabinets are in demand these days. As the name suggests, these are fireproof and will surely secure your essentials in case of any fire hazard. Fireproof file cabinets keep your documents and valuables, and they provide much more safety and security than standard cabinets.

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  • Turtle 22-1/8"D Vertical 2-Drawer Insulated Fireproof File Cabinet by FireKing
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    Turtle 22-1/8"D Vertical 2-Drawer Insulated Fireproof File Cabinet by FireKing
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Factors to Consider When Buying Fireproof File Cabinets

File cabinets are undoubtedly vital for storing files and critical official documents. However, in case of a fire emergency, everyone gets panicked. And most of the people leave the files in the office and run to save their lives. And suppose you have installed the fireproof file cabinets in your workplace. In that case, it won't be a worry in case of any emergency. These keep your belongings safe. However, before purchasing one for you, there are some points to consider. If you also plan to purchase a fireproof file cabinet for your workplace but are confused about various options, consider these factors to find the best fireproof file cabinets. 

Purpose and Size

First and most importantly, you must be clear that you want a fireproof fire cabinet for what purpose? What type of documents do you want to store in it? After sorting out these things, then examine the size of the room. 

Room size is also a vital factor. So, measure the area and look for the cabinet that can fit perfectly in that space. These fireproof file cabinets mainly come in two types, lateral and vertical. Consider the size of the papers you wish to preserve to ensure that they can accommodate both business and small papers. Be sure you are getting a cabinet with plenty of capacity; you would not want to pack it up too quickly and run out of space.

Fire Ratings

The fireproof filing cabinets have various fire ratings based on how much time the cabinets can keep the documents safe after the fire broke out. Temperature also plays a crucial role in the ratings of these cabinets. These can hold up to a particular temperature depending on the cabinet. If your workplace is away from the fire department, you must purchase the one with more ratings to save your files for a longer period. Similarly, suppose your office and fire department officials are in the same area. In that case, you can buy low-rating fireproof file cabinets. 


Whether you are going for a lateral file cabinet or a vertical file cabinet, keep in mind the storage capacity it offers. Your office work may grow in time, so you must purchase a four-drawer cabinet to serve your requirements even for future purposes. Compute the overall number of papers you'll be preserving and safeguarding. You don't want to fold vital legal documents, so keep an eye out when purchasing filing cabinets.

Locking System

After storage, you will want to keep them secure, so look out for one that has a locking system to store your confidential documents without any worry. Automated locks are perfect for most firms today. You can alter the lock combination rapidly and effortlessly whenever you want. Whereas a key lock is the industry standard for fireproof documents, some cabinets have a lever lock. In contrast, others have full security key locks that are perfectly secure and provide additional stability and security.

Points to Remember:

  • Buying fireproof file cabinets also ensures that the cabinet should be water-resistant too. Water is a common cause of paperwork damage. In addition, the objects in your vault will require safety from the water if your workplace is caught in a fire emergency. 

  • These fireproof cabinets are heavy and cost you more than the standard filing cabinets. So you should purchase good quality and durable cabinets, even if it costs you to spend a little more. After all, you want to keep your files and documents safe and secure.

  • Whatever type you want to buy, ensure that there must be enough space left to move around when the drawers are opened.

Questions and answers about Fireproof File Cabinets

What is the cheapest product in Fireproof File Cabinets?

The cheapest product is Turtle 22-1/8"D Vertical 2-Drawer Insulated Fireproof File Cabinet

Do all Fireproof File Cabinets ship to me?

All Fireproof File Cabinets on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Fireproof File Cabinets?

At Interiorbeat we have 1 brands in Fireproof File Cabinets. The brand with most products is FireKing.