5-Drawer File Cabinets

Undoubtedly, every industry and business is running towards achieving a paperless working environment. But, it may take a bit longer to reach that level fully. Every office and workplace has tons of paper files, reports, personal and employee records, and many more. Adequately organizing them is a significant prerequisite of any workplace. Drawer File cabinets come into the play for this purpose. Not only this, but drawer file cabinets also work to ensure the smooth operation of the business by systematically storing vital information. For the long-term success of any firm, organization and quick access to information are essential elements.

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How To Select The Most Well-Suited Drawer File Cabinets

Drawer File Cabinets have proved to be very useful in work environments and individuals dealing with many paperwork requiring storage. However, choosing the most appropriate drawer file cabinet can be daunting. But, you can excel at this job by keeping a few things in mind.


There are different kinds of cabinets available, and each of them has its own advantages to offer. You can pick the type that suits the area and your requirements. 

Lateral 5-Drawer File Cabinets: These drawer file cabinets are well suited for places having ample space to house a cabinet along the wall. Typically, these come in short height matching with the office desk height. Although the drawers in lateral cabinets do not provide much depth, they are wide and cater to your needs. 

Vertical 5-Drawer File Cabinets: These cabinets can provide you with stacked up 5 deep drawers. You can save your floor space by opting for vertical drawers cabinets. Generally, these cabinets are placed against the wall to provide a neat and convenient environment. 


The drawer file cabinet size depends largely on your available space and your requirements. For example, if you have a large workspace and your business deals with lots of paper documents, you might need a drawer cabinet that is big in size. It will ensure that you can accommodate your papers and also no space is left unutilized.

For a compact area, you should look for narrow yet tall cabinets. These will help you store efficiently and at the same time save the look from being congested. Next, decide the placement and the location you want to fit the drawer file cabinet in. Accordingly, make the choice of size and shape.


If you want to tuck the cabinet beneath your desk to save the floor space, make sure the desk surface and the cabinet do not clank with each other.


Choosing a fine-quality cabinet having an impressive look can save you from leveling down your workplace look. Apart from its functionality, drawer file cabinets are also a decor element. With an unkempt or mismatched cabinet, you might not want to spoil the overall look. This makes deciding the design, pattern, and color of the material very important.

Metal, wood, and plastic are some of the most renowned cabinets' materials. Every material offers varied benefits in terms of durability and outlook. By choosing a laminate or wood veneer, you can get a traditional and aesthetic look without hurting your pocket. 

Natural wood like oak, cherry, maple, and pine never goes out of style for furniture. Although it is an expensive choice, it gives an edge to your workplace. You will get a sturdy, durable and customizable cabinet by opting for natural wood.

Steel, aluminum, metal file cabinets are also widespread and affordable options. It provides strength and longevity, along with imparting an excellent finish. On top of that, metal also acts as a barrier against the risks of fire and water.


Drawer File Cabinets serve the primary function of storing your vital paperwork and information. But not everyone's storage needs are alike. As a result, you will find cabinets with varied capacities designed to solve a variety of purposes. Usually, the size of the paper ranges around 8.5 X 11 inches, so look for a cabinet that allows you to store them without folding the paper.

Vertical cabinets with many compartments are suitable for segregated storage and keeping your documents secure. Although the capacity of the drawers will not be much, they will keep your files separated and organized. Whereas, if segregation is not your aim, you can opt for lateral storage cabinets.


Place the lateral file cabinet in such a way that it leaves the space available for scooting the back of the desk chair or the movement of the hinged doors.