4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

Managing the different files at your workstation will be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have any file cabinets to help you organize the files. 4-drawer lateral file cabinets are some of the best choices if you wish to store a lot of files and organize them in an orderly manner. These drawers offer plenty of storage space, and they do not take up a lot of space in the room, making them the perfect choice of storage.

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Why Choose 4-drawer Lateral File Cabinets?

Buying file cabinets might sound like a simple task. Still, it actually entails a lot of different steps in the process. So, if you wish to buy the best 4-drawer lateral file cabinets, here are some great buying tips that you should take into account!

Lateral file cabinets are wide, large, yet relatively short. Thus, they can store a lot more files than a vertical file cabinet can handle. Lateral file cabinets are also considerably more versatile than vertical file cabinets. For example, they can also store letter-size or legal-size files, which require very wide drawers.

At the same time, 4-drawer lateral file cabinets’ short height means that everyone at the office will easily reach the top drawer. This short height will also allow you to easily place the cabinet under the table, which saves up a lot of space for other pieces of furniture in the office.

Check the Available Space in Your Office

Filing cabinets take up quite a lot of space in an office. The office is usually a small area with lots of necessary furniture and equipment. So the last thing you want to have on your list is a lot of filing cabinets acting as clutters to the whole office. Thus, you should first check how much available space you have in your office before committing to any file cabinets. Buying a file cabinet that just will not fit your office will only bring you plenty of trouble back home.

Lateral file cabinets have one huge advantage: Their short height will allow you to easily position them beneath the work desk. Optimizing the limited space, you have in your office. Placing the cabinets underneath the table also comes with one extra benefit: You can easily reach the drawers without even standing up, making them very convenient choices.

Consider Style Consistency

The next step is to decide whether you want lateral file cabinets that will match the current decoration scheme of the office or not. File cabinets are generally considered functional pieces, so it is usually considered not necessary to be aesthetically significant. That said, if you do decide to go for a lateral file cabinet that complements the other pieces, it is still possible to do so! Choosing the perfect piece might take a bit more time and effort. Still, it will greatly elevate the office, ensuring that everyone feels more comfortable working.

Mind the Materials

Different materials will produce file cabinets with very different properties and looks. So it is worth a shot to learn as much as you can about the other materials that make up most lateral file cabinets. The most popular materials are plastic, wood, and metal.

Metal 4-drawer lateral file cabinets are probably the most common kind. Metal cabinets are generally very tough due to the high durability of this material, and they can resist water damage reasonably well. These cabinets will also add a professional and industrial touch to the office, helping elevate it and make it more aesthetically pleasing to office workers.

Wooden lateral file cabinets offer the most versatility in style. These drawers can feature either a minimalistic or a vintage and rustic style, both of which will significantly enhance the aesthetics of your office. Fortunately, wooden file cabinets are also generally quite tough. Still, they need to be regularly maintained to keep their clean look.

Plastic lateral file cabinets are also great options, especially if you are looking for a budget solution. These cabinets might not be the most beautiful choices around. Still, they are also very durable and extremely lightweight, which allows you to quickly move them around if needed.