3-Drawer File Cabinets

Large official files, documents, and other legal files are the inseparable part of every office. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the security and safety of these files for future use. Every office goes with cabinets for the safety and security of files and documents. But choosing suitable cabinets for long-term use is very necessary. With the changing requirements of every business, a wide variety of cabinets are available in the market. So, it has become challenging to decide which cabinet will be perfect and suitable for your office.

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Type of File Cabinets

Different File Cabinets are available in the market. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the type, material used, and size when you purchase perfect and durable cabinets. Also, consider the number of drawers you need according to your requirements. Then, you can choose any of them according to your requirements.

  • Lateral File Cabinet: Lateral file cabinets with 3 drawers will be the best choice if you want to fit them under your work desk. These cabinets provide more space to keep large and heavy business files in a flat position.

  • Vertical File Cabinet: Vertical file cabinets with 3 drawers are also available in the market. These will be more suitable if you do not have enough free space in your room. These cabinets give you the option to store documents without consuming more space. 

  • Mobile File Cabinet: Mobile file cabinets are available with wheels for easy mobility. These mobile cabinets are usually designed with two or three drawers. Their compact design allows you to place them under your working table. You can place your daily usable files in these cabinets for easy access.  

Material of File Cabinets

The durability of File Cabinets highly depends upon the material used for their manufacturing. Wood, steel, iron, and some other metals make durable and long-lasting file cabinets.

File cabinets made from solid wood are considered more durable. Since these materials are easy to clean and maintain. Wooden cabinets are available in different styles and designs. Apart from this, various metals such as steel and iron are also used for making cabinets. Metal cabinets are more durable and available in different sizes. Another plus point of metal cabinets is that these cabinets are available in different color options. So, you can choose the color that suits the interior of your home or office.

Consider Storage Option

You are going to purchase file cabinets for placing necessary documents and files. So, you should choose the storage options that meet your requirement.

  • Drawer with shelves: Some drawers with shelves are available in the market. These shelves divide the storage spaces into two or more parts and give you organized storage space. You can also differentiate the files of different departments by putting them on different shelves.

  • Drawer without Shelves: Drawers without shelves are also available in the market. These drawers give you the option to place large files in them. It will be the best option for placing legal documents or other important files. Moreover, these drawers are more durable, so you can use them for a longer time.

Safety Features

After deciding the size and material of cabinets, further check their features to ensure the safety of your documents.

  • Locking Technique: Various cabinets are designed with a locking system for the safety and security of your files. Some cabinets have a single lock for all drawers, whereas some cabinets are designed with different locks for each drawer. You can choose the lock type according to your requirement.

  • Fireproof: It is recommended to buy fireproof cabinets to protect your important official documents. So, always choose cabinets made from fireproof material.

  • Scratch-Resistant: Scratch-resistant cabinets can stand up with the daily hardship of the office routine. So if you want your cabinets to look the best for years, you can go for scratch-resistant cabinets.