2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

Lateral filing is an improved version of suspension filing. It is now one of the most popular forms of filing system used in modern offices. By using lateral 2 drawer file cabinets, you can already provide the much-needed storage space to keep your workspace organized. In addition, it has a wide filling system that accommodates both letter and legal-sized paperwork. This type of file cabinet has many appealing advantages. It can help increase efficiency and productivity by maximizing your office storage space.

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Why Do You Need a 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet?

Two-drawer lateral file cabinets are built with the capacity, style, and strength. It can accommodate stacks of files yet, without taking up lots of floor space as the vertical file cabinets. It is also more efficient having horizontal drawers. Since they can hold more files per drawer than vertical file cabinets. The paperwork is hung side-to-side through the length of the drawer; wide drawers make it easy to find a huge number of files without having to extend drawers as far out to search for a file. Since a lateral two-drawer file cabinet can hold so many files, commonly used for high-volume businesses and establishments. The requiring constant access to paperwork would be medical offices, hospitals, schools, and law enforcement agencies. However, this does not limit the 2-drawer lateral file drawer for home-office applications.

Designs and Sizes

Lateral file cabinets now come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with the two drawers measuring about 20" deep and are between 30" and 42" wide. This filing arrangement uses folders made up of metal strips with hooks on either end to hold papers better. At the top of each folder has an indicator to locate folders quickly.

With the cabinet's larger storage capacity and stability, there would be little or no chance of toppling because of the counterbalanced feature. These lateral 2 drawer file cabinets are mostly made of steel or wood. They are typically double-walled or reinforced, ensuring the furniture maintains its shape over time. The steel ball bearings on its roller mechanism, suspension, and other feature create a difference in the ease of motion of laden drawers and the quiet with which they open and close. A low 2 drawer lateral file cabinet made of wood is perfect next to your desk. They can automatically extend your workspace by using it as a fax or printer stand.


Another essential feature of lateral two-drawer file cabinets is their ease of access and versatility. That allows you to organize your files in two diverse ways that best suits your needs. One way is to manage your records from one side to the other, and another way allows you to file front to back using several rows per drawer.

A lateral 2 drawer file cabinet is also suitable for keeping large size papers in shallow drawers, such as building plans that should not be folded.

Nowadays, style is especially important, and the wider form of the lateral file cabinets can be more appealing than a downright narrow filing cabinet.

Material to Choose

Whatever material you choose for your lateral file cabinet, always consider that it will suit your needs and funds.

Metal 2-drawer lateral file cabinet is durable and sturdy and applicable to any home office application.

Wooden lateral file cabinet gives aesthetic features to any home location. It is also sturdy, however more costly.

Plastic lateral file cabinets can be considered when funds are low. Lighter in weight than metal and wood material, still functional as your office file organizer.