2-Drawer File Cabinets

If you are a small office owner or work from home, you know how messy it can get to organize all those files and papers. It's a real hassle to find one particular file from a whole bunch; that's why you must have 2 drawer file cabinets.  They are not only functional and organized but also compact enough to fit even small offices with ease. Plus, if purchased with factors like size, material, and build in mind, the cabinet can actually complement your interior.

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Storage Space

The most crucial part of any storage cabinet is the storage space. It needs to have enough space to store all your files in an organized and clutter-free manner. No matter how aesthetic and well-finished, any cabinet is of least use if it cannot house all your paperwork. So before getting a 2 drawer file cabinet, check the size and quantity of articles you plan to store in it. 

Usually, something like files and letters can work well with smaller dimensions, while artworks and blueprints will need wider size cabinets. Similarly, for a large number of files, you will need a large file cabinet and vice versa.  


The size of the file cabinet that you get has a direct effect on its cost. So make sure you don't go for a larger than required file cabinet, especially if you are on a tight budget. And you don't always have to go for premium-type cabinets. There are always some cheap 2 drawer file cabinets that can serve your purpose without breaking your wallet. 

Type Of Cabinets

The 2 drawer file cabinets come in multiple different designs and orientations. Each with its own benefits and space requirement. Make sure to consider all the following options before getting one. 

Pedestal Cabinet: The pedestal cabinets are portable-type file cabinets. They come with a set of wheels that you can use to quickly and easily move them around. They work best for small offices or homes where you may need to frequently change the cabinet's position. These 2 drawer file cabinets on wheels are also an option for limited floor space. They are usually very compact in comparison to other variants of cabinets.

Lateral 2 Drawer File Cabinets: These cabinets look somewhat like a cupboard and are usually known for their organizational benefits. They have hanging rails that you can use to store files or letters systematically. And since they are high-type cabinets, they don't need much floor space. 

Flat Cabinets: The flat cabinets, as the name suggests, are low-height cabinets. They compensate for their height by increasing length and width, making them large compared to other counterparts. They are usually preferable when you need to cover a large space. The flat 2 drawer file cabinets are also an option for storing large pieces of works like blueprints and artworks. 

Vertical Cabinets: The vertical file cabinets look identical to the pedestal-type file cabinets. They are cubical in shape and fit well in compact space. The only difference is that the vertical type does not have wheels. Still, they are perfect for confined spaces and work best for almost every personal and commercial space. 

Open Cabinets: The open 2 file cabinets are more like open shelves that you can use to place files directly. They are usually preferable for doctors and reception offices where you need quick access to all the files and paperwork. 


File cabinet size can vary to a large degree. The compact models don't need more than a few feet, and then there are the models that need a considerable part of the room. So you mustn't go for something too small, but at the same, something large enough to hold all your files. And for this part, you have to consider the available floor space in your office and room.

Start by selecting an easy-to-reach spot where you can place your 2 drawers locking file cabinets and measure its dimensions. You have to find a cabinet that is considerably smaller than this space. It's crucial as you will need to leave some room on the side of the cabinet so that the cabinet does not obstruct movement.

Cabinet Material

2 file drawer cabinets need to provide a secure storage space, which means it needs decent strength and durability. Thus, you will mostly find them either in wood or metal build.  

The metal 2 drawer file cabinets are cheaper and have a wonderful life. They are preferable for areas where you expect rough usage. You can prefer them for multi-user spaces like an office lobby. 

On the other hand, wooden cabinets are a bit expensive, more aesthetic, and not meant for high crowd areas. They are also more prone to weather damage and need more care. They are best suited for executive areas.