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An office seems good if the employees are working hard the whole day. They take files from one office to the other or even from one desk to another. And in this busy schedule, no one cares about the floor or carpet that gets worn and torn by the movement of the chairs. They want to complete the given task irrespective of the conditions and environment. But if you want to keep the office floor good, then, in that case, chair mats for carpets play a vital role in saving the carpet from getting stained, dirty, or damaged.

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  • 36" x 48" Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet by ES Robbins
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    36" x 48" Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet by ES Robbins
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Factors to Consider When Buying Chair Mats for Carpet

An average person moves his chairs more than a hundred times a day, so you can imagine how stressful it is for both the person as well as the floor. You won't feel like fighting your chair to move to the other side or to the opposite side of the table. On the other hand, backaches and leg pain might result from dragging your chair around on the carpet the whole day. Chair mats serve the purpose of saving the carpet or floor pretty well and even reducing the injuries in case you fall. These mats are excellent in every way. Chair mats for carpets are a must in any workplace. You can easily slide your chairs over them without thinking about the ground beneath. There are a wide variety of options to choose from. However, there are some essential factors that you must keep in mind while purchasing chair mats for your workplace or home office.


An essential factor while buying chair mats for carpet is the size. Just examine and measure the size of your office and the area where you roll your chair the whole day. After noting down the measurements, you will get an estimate of the boundaries of the mats. But ensure that the size you also want somehow depends on the shape of the mats. Many shapes are available, including square, round, oval, rectangular, and many more. You can choose the perfect shape of chair mats by observing the furniture you have in your workplace. For instance, rectangular mats would be perfect if you have tables in your office cabin. 


The thickness of the mats is also essential. However, it may not be that simple. The thickness of the chair mats will determine how effectively it maintains their form and bear up to repeated wear. The backs of carpet chair mats are high stuck to minimize slides that ruin hard surfaces. These mats tend to collapse or gather below a tire, making rolling on them difficult. They'll keep the carpet clean, but they'll be a pain to use. The ideal chair mats for carpet are three to five mm thick, as this thickness gives sufficient structural support to withstand chair impact.

Low-pile carpet mats have lower spikes to maintain them in position, whereas higher-pile mats for carpets have lengthier spikes to hold them in place. Therefore, a smaller spike could fit in a high-pile carpet, but a larger spike didn't permit the mats to lie appropriately in a low-pile carpet.


Carpet contracts beneath the tires and shoes, making tempered glass chair mats vulnerable to breakage and rubber mats challenging to roll. Polypropylene is a versatile material that is easy to slide or move a chair on. Polycarbonate polymer is the best choice for chair mats on a carpeted area. It stays straight under the tires of a chair without tearing or grouping. This durable and robust material is easy to form and frequently perceived. Chair mats for carpets are available in various materials, including glass, polycarbonate, latex, and Polyvinyl. However, the materials described above are preferable for carpets.

Points to Remember: 

  • You could perhaps discover antibacterial chair mats for carpet, which means they won't allow mold or moisture to form beneath. This function may be helpful if your workplace has a moisture concern.

  • If you're buying carpet chair mats, be sure they have spikes underneath them. These spikes function as little nails, securing the mat in line. In addition, the spikes protect the mat from sliding away as you readjust your chair.

  • It is vital to choose the correct type of mat for your carpet. Your mat may fracture and collapse if it is too thin. The thicker your chair mats are, the more sturdy and straightforward it will be to pull in your seat.

  • You can also purchase non-slip patterns on the chair mat's surface. These can also be beneficial, providing more comfortable traction for moving a desk chair.

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