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Many people spend most of their time sitting in their offices. As a result, the chair is one of the office's busiest pieces of furniture, and the floor embraces all the abrasions and marks caused by these chairs. Employing office floor mats in your workplaces is an excellent idea and will maintain your floor area. It will look fresh and tidy while protecting your floors from damages and blemishes caused by the legs or spindle tires of your seats. In addition, these mats safeguard floors from abrasion, marks, spilled beverages, and congestion by being made of heavy, quality materials like plastic and rubber.

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  • 36" x 48" Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet by ES Robbins
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    36" x 48" Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet by ES Robbins
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What to Consider While Buying Office Chair Mats

To protect areas from rust and corrosion, insert these mats on the floor. To preserve hard surfaces and marbles looking their finest, they establish a primary boundary among shoes, chairs, and surfaces. So, if you are willing to buy the perfect mats for your office areas, but do not have any idea what to look for in them, then don't worry. Here are helpful ideas to select the best mats. 

Tile flooring is notorious for being slippery, which is why you'll want to invest in these non-slip office chair mats. These are suitable for both marble and wooden surfaces. These kinds of mats have a square underlay to hold them in place, and the surface roughness allows for smooth motion in your chairs. And most of all, these will allow you to give your office a stylish, sophisticated, and efficient look.

Custom Office Chair Mats

These office chair mats are a few inches thick, and you may change or customize your mats in your workplace. You can select them according to the theme of your office as there are various color options available. And if we talk about the functionality, these mats will cover the hard surfaces. And have the impression of little carpets, an excellent decor addition if you have a wide range of clientele and employees—furthermore, the material design aids in sound insulation. In more expansive corporate environments, these office chair mats are highly beneficial.

Office Chair Mats for Carpet

If there is carpeting in your workplace, then you're probably aware that office chairs do not often glide as smoothly as they should. Therefore, there are office chair mats for the carpeted floor as well. These solve the problem by providing a complex texture that makes it easier for your seat to slide. Furthermore, the punched pattern holds them in position and prevents them from sliding. Additionally, these are an excellent solution for protecting your carpet from drink stains and harm done by the tires of your computer chairs. 


Size is an important aspect that you should keep in mind before buying office chair mats. It would be best if you double-checked the area's dimensions. Though there are no exact measurements for the optimal size for buying office chair mats, you must ensure that the ones you purchase are of the correct length and breadth for your workplace. Office chair mats are frequently situated with a section of the mats under the table, making it easier to maneuver along while operating on your desktop and at your workstation.


While looking for the perfect office chair mats for your workplace, choose one that is sturdy and long-lasting in structure. Also, always make sure that the mats you choose are precisely intended for the kinds of flooring in your business while considering the thickness. For example, office chair mats for hardwood floors come in different materials. So, it is not true that the mats you selected for the carpeted floors will also work perfectly on the hardwood surfaces of your office.

Points to Remember

  • Move your seat as you usually do throughout the day to determine the mats' size that perfectly serve your workplace's purpose. Take into account any desks or cabinets that must be easily accessible. After you've identified your floor space, you'll need to estimate it.

  • Office chair mats are made to fit concrete surfaces as well as carpeted ones. So, If you have a carpeted floor, use chair mats for the office that clings to the bottom to hold it firmly in position.

Questions and answers about Chair Mats

What is the cheapest product in Chair Mats?

The cheapest product is 36" x 48" Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet

Do all Chair Mats ship to me?

All Chair Mats on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Chair Mats?

At Interiorbeat we have 1 brands in Chair Mats. The brand with most products is ES Robbins.