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For homeowners, perhaps the worst thing that can happen to your couch is someone spilling their drinks on the couch, leaving behind stubborn stains that are very hard to get rid of. To prevent this, guests would either have to hold their drinks in their hands all the time or put them on the coffee table, which is often located a bit far from the couch. Getting couch trays, which are located on the armrests, will be a great way to let your visitors and the members of your family put their food and drinks close by without staining the couch!

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When Would Be Couch Trays Useful?

Couch trays can be placed on the armrests of your couch, allowing you to enjoy your food without having to worry about spilling. Couch trays are handy if you like to enjoy your coffee or tea on a couch. The tray will provide a great spot for you to put your coffee on, so even if you accidentally spill the coffee, it will just spill on the couch tray instead. Furthermore, couch trays will let you put your coffee and your tea down without having to reach toward the coffee table.

Couch trays can be used for foods as well, allowing you to have your favorite snack right on your couch. If you wish to bring a lot of hot dishes to the coffee table, using couch trays will ensure that you will not accidentally burn your hands while handling them.

The Different Materials of Couch Trays

Couch trays come in a wide variety of materials, each presenting its own aesthetics and benefits. Thus, if you wish to pick the couch trays that suit you the most, you might want to learn as much as possible about the possible materials that can make up couch trays.

Metals such as aluminum are prevalent materials for couch trays. These materials are very sturdy and durable, so metal couch trays are the toughest trays around. These trays are also water-resistant, so cleaning up the spills will still be quite easy even if you accidentally spill your drinks. In addition, due to the water-resistant nature of these trays, the spills will often not leave stains on the trays.

Wooden trays are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and they impart a rustic and vintage vibe to the room. These trays are the perfect choice for elevating your living room, adding more warmth to it. The downside to these trays is that they are not very hydrophobic, so you will likely have to let the trays dry if you accidentally spill coffee or tea on them.

Woven couch trays are also a great option if you enjoy adding a more natural touch to your home. These woven trays can also hold hot coffee mugs and teacups. Still, you will have to be careful not to spill the content on the sofa, as these trays are not entirely waterproof.

Couch Trays for Decorative Purposes

Aside from their primary function, couch trays can be used for decorative purposes. Putting a decorative tray on your sofa table, garnished with fresh fruits, is a smart way to add vibrant colors to your living room. You can also pick embellished trays with lots of different ornamental elements to further improve the aesthetic value of these trays and your living room as well.

For some upscale families, you could put wine glasses and decanters on the couch trays and put them on the coffee table for a beautiful and inviting setting. Alternatively, suppose it is a wintry day in winter. In that case, the trays will allow you to put candlesticks on the coffee table without worrying about the melted wax.

Questions and answers about Couch Trays

What is the cheapest product in Couch Trays?

The cheapest product is Woven Essentials Tray

Do all Couch Trays ship to me?

All Couch Trays on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Couch Trays?

At Interiorbeat we have 6 brands in Couch Trays. The brand with most products is Frontgate, but also Ashley Furniture and Olympus International are popular brands.