When life gets busy and you don't have enough time to rest, having soft furniture to snuggle and comfort your feet is something everyone would love. And that's exactly where the ottomans come into play. It's a simple and compact type of furniture traditionally designed for resting feet while sitting on sofas or chairs. Presently the ottoman is famous for its appealing looks, multi-functionality, and customizable features. It can easily turn a simple living room resting corner into an attractive masterpiece. However, you need an ottoman that suits both your interior and your preferred comfort level to get these benefits. This means you need to focus on multiple things, including shapes, materials, and sizes, while buying them.

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Shape And Size

Ottomans come either in circular or angular shapes, and the one you select has a major impact on their appeal. For instance, the circular ottoman looks compact and comfortable. They look brilliant with round furniture and create contrast when matched with straight-line furniture.

On the other hand, a square ottoman is a versatile type of furniture. You can match it with any shape of furniture, and it will add a softness to it. You can also consider this ottoman as an alternative for your coffee table. The rectangular ottomans share similar appeals.


If you plan to use the ottoman for serving coffee or for sitting, it's best to go for a rectangular ottoman. Its shape makes it spacey and perfect for large seating areas.


Modern ottomans are not limited to a single material. Instead, you can find them in various materials, including leather, rattan, memory foam, and fabric. Each of these has its benefits.

Leather: This material is classy and highly durable. It can resist most of the damaging factors, including bunching, staining, and tears. Leather also has decent weather resistance and excellent life. Not to mention, it's soft. However, it's a little expensive and needs a bit of care.

Rattan: Rattan is made by weaving together a set of fibrous plants like bamboo, vines, and more. The rattan-based ottomans are excellent in providing weather resistance, strength and still remain lightweight. However, they have a woven finish which usually does not suit well-finished interiors. That's why this material is preferred for outdoor ottomans that don't need to align with your interior.

Fabric: If you have fabric-based furniture, you cannot pair it with a leather or rattan-based ottoman. You will need something that offers the same look and finish quality, or in other words, a fabric ottoman. Mostly wool, cotton, or microfiber are used as base material that offers great stretchability, strength, and damage resistance. The fabric ottomans are also a great choice due to their affordability.

Memory Foam: Memory foam is the most expensive and the most comfortable Ottoman material. As the name suggests, it's a variant of soft foam that adjusts according to the object placed on it. It means that when you place your feet, the ottoman will adjust according to its shape, supporting it exactly where needed. It's the best option for those with chronic foot pain.


If you plan to use the ottoman only as a footrest and not as a coffee table, go for a pouf. The pouf ottomans are like oversized pillows. They don't have a very rigid structure which makes them comfortable and portable. It's also ideal to get a memory foam pouf ottoman for extended comfort.


Ottomans are not just for placing your feet or your stuff; they are also a storage space if you choose an ottoman with storage. Most of them come with inbuilt compartments with a distinct mechanism that you can use. But, of course, the space you get will depend on the size of the ottoman you buy. So, before getting an ottoman, consider what you plan to store in it.

Apart from the storage space, it's also crucial to pay attention to the overall build of the ottoman. It needs to either blend with your interior or create contrast. Either Way, anything too distracting is a big no.


While selecting the ottoman, check its structure and build quality. A weak construction ottoman will have a short life and is unsafe to use.

Questions and answers about Ottomans

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All Ottomans on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

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