Thinking about a footstool may just bring to your mind the ideal place for resting your feet. But footstools are so much more than that. You can use footstools as an attractive piece of furniture in your house to complement the decor or use it as a resting place for your coffee. Not only this, but you can also keep them as an alternative to a desk chair that you use for work. When it comes to comfortable spots in your home, Footstools can top that list.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Footstools

Like all other assets at your home, most-suited footstools are also very hard to select. It requires you to have complete knowledge about them, including the material, size, shape, and design of the footstools. 

Decorating your home or your room can be considered fun and games. But when it comes to choosing the right type of furniture that can enhance the overall look, it can be a daunting task. There are many options available to choose from in the market. You have to make a choice while taking into account your budget, materials, size of your room, placement, and many more. 

Size: People are often confused about the optimal height and size of the living room footstools. You should know that a footstool taller than the height of your sofa set might spoil the symmetry and look absurd. However, you can also opt for adjustable footstools and adjust them as per your convenience. Go for the same or smaller heightened footstool if it has to be placed along with your sofas or bed. Whereas, if you want it to solve the purpose of an extra table or seating, you can choose a tall and large one instead of small footstools.  

Material: There is a wide range of materials available for you to choose from. It all depends upon your usability and likability. The seat cushion of the footstool can be made up of leather, vinyl, or other fabrics. Some people prefer genuine leather for durability and style. Some prefer faux leather as this is affordable and no animals are harmed. Of course, that would depend on your preference.

Fabrics: Fabrics like rayon, polyester, suede, cotton blends are also very commonly used materials. These are easy to maintain and clean, suitable for your home if you have kids who can create a mess while playing. You can choose to add fluffiness to your footstools by choosing a material like microfibre and solid rubber. It would provide great comfort and rest to your feet and body. 

The legs and the base of these are generally made up of wood. Oak, teak, pine, cedar, walnut provide much stability and durability to the stools so that you do not have to worry about them falling or moving while in use. 

Placement: The placement of the footstools affects your choice. If you want to place it outdoors, you should go for a material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Stone material provides resistance against the instability due to wind and does not get damaged in rain or sunlight.

If you are planning to buy an ottoman and footstools for your living room, it should match the beauty standard of the room. However, It is not necessary that the style and color should go with the existing furniture, as they define themselves individually perfectly.  

Purpose: Some footstools are available with storage to open up the surface like a lid and give you access to hidden storage beneath it. So, check and ensure that the capacity suffices your storage needs or not. However, choose the color and design wisely if you want to keep it as just a piece of decor and for occasional seating purposes.