Floor Poufs

Are you someone who likes something fluffy and cannot control but sit with a free fall on it? Everybody may feel the same. So, why not buy yourselves a floor pouf. But of course, it isn't easy to decide which one to buy. There are so many floor poufs serving purposes like seating, foot resting, and decoration. But, others use them to rest their heads. The floor pouf is a fluffy floor cushion that everyone wants. But, the size, color, and purpose of these features determine which one is perfect for you. Therefore, it is challenging to find the right one.

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What to Consider While Buying Floor Poufs

The uses of floor poufs are numerous, but even if you ignore the utility purpose of the floor poufs, they are also fantastic pieces of decorative seats. They can be used to place lightweight things on them. In addition, there are cheap floor poufs available depending on your choice. So, suppose you are looking for a comfortable seating arrangement for your living areas or rooms. In that case, floor poufs are the best you can have, and these are some factors that you must consider while purchasing a perfect floor pouf for yourself.


Suppose you're going to utilize the poufs in a parlor that's mostly for display rather than regular usage. In that case, a rich fabric like velvet or silken is a good choice. However, suppose you anticipate that the poufs will be used frequently throughout their time in a comfy, informal living area. In that case, you might want to select a fabric that is easy to maintain, like linen or suede leather.


The floor pouf comes in various sizes and shapes like squares, circles, spheres, rectangular. You must consider the size according to the occupying space and the shape as well. If you sometimes want more sitting next to the Television, a bigger, fluffy pouf that you can snuggle into the instant you lay down is a good option. If you plan to use it as a side table most of the time, choose harder poufs with enough stability to retain objects on their top.


A floor pouf as a piece of floor cushion and a decorative object needs to look good with the other furniture and the colors of the place. So it is essential to keep in mind the color combination and the texture of the floor pouf and the other furniture. You can use a one-floor pouf for many purposes like seating, foot resting, and decoration. If you consider all these things while buying a floor pouf, you can buy one which serves all these purposes.


The multipurpose floor poufs are usually preferred. However, if you are thinking of buying one for yourself, you should know your options. The options you have while buying a floor pouf depend primarily on the size, shape, and texture of the floor poufs.

  • Small floor poufs: These are a ubiquitous sight; the utility of these small floor poufs is huge, and so is the demand. They are mostly circular in shape and small in size. They can be used for extra seating and also for decorative purposes. These can be purchased without spending enormous amounts and are cheap and readily available.

  • Large floor poufs: These floor poufs are big and differ in shape. They also serve many purposes, but they are mainly used for seating, foot resting, placing things on them, etc. It is also usually round or rectangular. The material used to make a floor pouf decides its aesthetics.

  • Outdoor floor poufs: Floor poufs are usually functional in indoor spaces, but they can also be used outdoors. Very often, the outdoor floor poufs are leather-made and waterproof. They can be used with a patio chair also. If you have a one-floor pouf, that means you have soft seating, a footrest, a table, and a piece of decorative furniture. A type of floor poufs is just one type but is used for many other purposes also.

Points to Remember

  • It is essential to remember the required dimensions before buying a floor pouf. You can choose from a small floor pour to a medium to a huge one.

  • The color and materials also should be taken into consideration so that it matches the decorative aesthetics. For example, some floor poufs made of leather are best suited with a specific furniture arrangement. Still, a floor pouf of a flexible cloth piece is also flexible in application.

  • The shape of the floor pouf is something that matters. A round or rectangular floor pouf with big size is more desirable than a small one with shapes.