Fireplace Mantels & Accesories

For most living rooms, the fireplace is the centerpiece that provides warmth for the family during cold winter nights and impresses any visitor the moment they walk into the room. Thus, if you wish to liven up your living room, starting with the fireplace is a great option. The best way to decorate your fireplace is to add a fireplace mantel on the top of the fireplace. This little project will add a formal and understated vibe to the fireplace, elevating its beauty. Also, don’t forget to put on fireplace accessories so that the family members can easily stoke the fire when needed.

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Fireplace accessories: Which ones do you need?

Fireplace accessories are the tools used to help you start and stoke the fire inside the fireplace. Due to their antique design, these tools are also some of the best decoration pieces for your home. Impressing any visitor with their timeless beauty. To balance between functionality and beauty, here are some necessary tools that you will need. 

  • Fireplace tongs: A fireplace tong is used to move the logs, allowing you to control the fire more effectively. Fireplace tongs are indispensable accessories that you should always have. 

  • Fireplace pokers: True to their name, these accessories are used to poke at the burning logs, adding more oxygen to them so that they will keep on burning. The bigger the fire, the longer the pokers need to be. 

  • Fireplace shovels: These tools are often used to remove excess ash after the fire has been burning for a while. The purpose is to ensure that the ash will not suffocate the fire, allowing it to keep on burning. That said, you should not remove all the ash, as it can work as an insulator for the logs. 

  • Fireplace brushes: Fireplaces require regular maintenance to reduce fire hazards as well as to prevent soot build-ups. A fireplace brush is specifically designed for this purpose. It features a small profile that allows you to easily reach all corners of the fireplace.

Choosing the Right Fireplace Mantels

Adding antique fireplace mantels to your fireplace is a great way to add a formal touch to the fireplace as a whole, making it even more upscale and enchanting. Plus, the mantel will allow you to display some of your most coveted items above the fireplace itself. However, there are certain things you will have to consider first if you wish to get a fireplace mantel. 

Measurements of the Mantel

The size of modern fireplace mantels is an important matter that you need to address before getting one. In this matter, there is no consensus as to how long your mantel should be. Some might say that fireplace mantels should go from one end of the wall to the other. Others say that the fireplace mantel should be as long as the firebox itself. It really has to depend on the number of objects you will put on display above it. The safest choice is to get a fireplace mantel that is 12 inches longer than the box itself. 

Check the Depth of the Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel should not be too thick, or else it might look out of place and hinder the movements of other family members. On the other hand, suppose you are thinking about decorating the fireplace mantel with vases or other decorative pieces. In that case, it should not be too narrow, or else the objects might fall and shatter. 

Mind the Materials

Fireplace mantels can be made from a wide variety of different materials, each with its own benefits. Below are some of the most popular choices:

  • Stone fireplace mantels: Stone is a tough and hardy material, and stone fireplace mantels are no different. These fireplace mantels boast superb toughness, and they can still retain their structure after years have passed. That said, these fireplace mantels are very expensive, and installing a stone fireplace mantel is a project that requires skilled masons. 

  • Wooden fireplace mantels: Warm and cozy, wooden fireplace mantels are very popular with most homeowners. They strike a good balance between functionality and affordability. They can also fit into most home decoration schemes with ease. However, these fireplace mantels need regular maintenance to ensure that their structural integrity will not be compromised.