Daybeds offer all of the comforts of a sofa. They are known for their attractive and space-conscious design that doubles as a bed without taking up nearly as much room.  Because it is multi-functional, a daybed can be placed almost anywhere and are a great solution for smaller condos and studio apartments. When a guest room is usually unavailable, you can place your daybed in your living room. That can provide a cozy option as an accent chair during the day and a sleeping piece for you or your guests.

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Daybeds for the Living room

Daybeds are designed to have railings or panels that extend along one side of the daybed. This is slightly different than the typical headboard of the bed. Living room daybeds come in several different designs. Daybeds for the living room usually are open on both long sides, having only arms, railings, or panels on both short sides. Other daybeds for the living room have low railings or panels on all three sides. Some daybeds are designed to have high railings or panels as well. The most common modern daybed for the living room has designs that feature low railings for the armrest and a higher railing on the back.

Since daybeds are an attractive and decorative choice for the living room. Low-profile daybeds with padded backs offer comfortable seating without obscuring the view of a room. Whether you are trying to make your living room cozier and more inviting or offer more seating, daybeds are an applicable choice of living room furniture.

Practical Uses for Daybeds

Another practical use for daybeds is they can be a good alternative bed for kids. Often, daybeds with high rails or panels design effectively help toddlers transition from crib to bed. Teenagers usually opt to have daybeds in their rooms because of their uniqueness. In addition, it is perfect for lounging with friends. The perfect daybeds for your teens are those that come with a trundle that has a pullout compartment under the bed frame that fits for a mattress; this type of daybed is perfect for sleepovers!

Most daybeds also have additional storage space under the bed frame. It can be in the form of shelving or drawers. This way, storage space can keep your throw pillows and blankets, extra clothes, toys, books, or just about anything you need to be stored away.

When selecting the frame for your daybed, there are a variety of options to choose from, just like a bed or a sofa. For a living room daybed, an upholstered fabric frame is one of the most popular choices. However, a more classic type of frame would be solid wood or metal frame. While wicker or rattan daybeds offer comfortable and relaxing outdoor seating, during which you can enjoy an occasional nap on your patio or porch.

Decorating your Daybeds

Adding stylish throw pillows to your daybed is the easiest way to decorate them. Using different patterns, colors, and textures for your throw pillows will not only provide a comfortable backrest for any seating guests. Still, they will also create a more welcoming and cozy touch to your interior space.

Enhance and complement your daybed throw pillows with an extra layer of warmth and style by adding throw blankets that are excellent for seasonal trends. We suggest giving your daybed that feeling of the change of the seasons by layering knitted blankets for fall. Then, throw in a thermal blanket on those cold winter days (and nights). A woven blanket will be one way of welcoming spring and what compliments more the summer season than accentuating your daybed with beach blankets.