Bean Bag Chairs

The Bean bag chairs are funky furniture alternatives for kids' rooms and dorms. Besides being comfortable, it is also one of the best accessories for home decoration. The bags are affordable, easy to move, light, and are ideal for a modern apartment. It also comes in various sizes, colors and styles, and types. So, your choices are not limited to one single model or design. Some of the bean bags come with fillers, and in some cases, you need to buy the beans separately. Make sure to properly read the product description before making a final purchase. 

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There are numerous types of bean bag chairs available in the market, and you will find them in a huge variety of fabrics. You can get them in materials like leather, fun fur, micro-fiber, cotton, and denim. 

Vinyl is among the most common fabrics used to make bean bag chairs. This material is easy to clean and wipe in comparison to other materials. 

However, some people find this material uncomfortable because of its stickiness. So if you are selecting a vinyl cover, make sure that the fabric is made of lead-less vinyl inks. 

Moreover, when choosing the fabric of your bean bag chair, always go for the one with a liner. It's easy to remove and wash them. 


Regardless of the fabric you want, make sure to check the quality of the material. The type of fabric you are selecting should be sustainable and durable. 


When it comes to stuffing or filling bean bag chairs, make sure the fill is made with premium material of recycled polystyrene. There are certain fillers that are commonly used - cotton, vinyl, velvet dyes, fur, and more. Whereas some bean bag chairs are stuffed with small bits or beads.

Regardless of the filling type, the quantity of filler should be enough to offer the essential support. It should also provide enough comfort and strength to handle compression without ruining sponginess. 


If you have concerns about the conservation of the environment, then select the bean bag chairs made with 100% recycled polystyrene. The other thing to keep in mind is that the filler should be non-flammable. 

Shape and Size

The shape and size of a bean bag chair are also essential while purchasing. Always go for the shape that fulfills your requirements. If you need to get some extra back support, choose the pear shape design of a bean bag chair. These types of bean bag chairs will cover more areas of your body because of their tallness.

If you need a bean bag chair for two people, then large bean bag chairs with a flat pancake shape would be ideal. 

Some of the bean bag chairs are particularly tailored for the kids' use. Kids' bean bag chairs are smaller as compared to the bean bag chairs for adults. In short, the main purpose is to consider the size and shape that perfectly serves your purpose.


There are many amazing designs of bean bag chairs available in the market. And luckily, most of them are available at affordable prices. If you want something stylish and fashionable, you can choose the printed bean bag chairs. 

Similarly, the bomber style is suitable for both adults and kids as it provides enough support for the neck and the back. The wide range of bean bag chairs includes sports, fun fur, camouflage, vinyl solids, and tapestries.


If you have a high budget, then you can go for a customized bean bag chair. With customization, there is no limit for designs as your imagination will be put on a bean bag chair. 

Outdoor Use 

Most people buy outdoor bean bag chairs, particularly for outdoor use. These need to withstand ice, rain, heat, cold, and sun. So, a solid and durable outer covering is important to provide a long life. Always choose the bean bag that can hold the extremes of outdoors along with maintaining buoyancy and shape.