Wall Mounted Cabinets

With the amount of space available in a house gradually declining, most people are looking for spacing-saving storage options. If you buy and collect so many items, it becomes nearly impossible to sort and declutter the mess. If you are tired of seeing your house being disorganized, then it's time to invest in wall-mounted cabinets. These wall-mounted cabinets are the perfect solution if you have limited space on the floor and don't have space to place a new floor storage cabinet. The compact wall-mounted cabinets enable you to install them even in the slimmest corner of your rooms.

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  • 72" Wall Mounted Hutch by Mayline Office Furniture
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    72" Wall Mounted Hutch by Mayline Office Furniture
  • 63" Hutch by Mayline Office Furniture
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    63" Hutch by Mayline Office Furniture
  • HOMCOM 5-storey Wall Shelf Display Cabinet w/2 Glass Doors and 4 Adjustable Shelves by HomCom
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    HOMCOM 5-storey Wall Shelf Display Cabinet w/2 Glass Doors and 4 Adjustable Shelves by HomCom
  • Bathroom Wall Mount Mirror Cabinet Organizer by Costway
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    Bathroom Wall Mount Mirror Cabinet Organizer by Costway
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Factors to Consider When Buying Wall-mounted Cabinets

Suppose you are looking for the best wall-mounted cabinets for your house. In that case, you need to consider several factors before committing to one kind of cabinet. These factors can help you fetch the ideal wall-mounted cabinets without overwhelming yourself. So, before you start shopping around, consider checking these factors:


The first and foremost factor that you need to think about is the size of your wall-mounted cabinets. To determine the size, you need to think about what kind of items will be stored inside it. The location or type of room will also dictate the size of your cabinet. For example, suppose you want to add a wall-mounted cabinet inside your washroom. In that case, you need to get a smaller cabinet that can hold all of your toiletries. In addition, it should have separate compartments to store your medicines, toothbrushes, etc. Similarly, suppose you want to store your entertainment equipment. In that case, you can opt to buy a slightly bigger cabinet that can hold your TV, have some cabinets for your sound system, a shelf for your soundbar, smaller shelves to store your CDs & DVDs, etc. 


Next, you need to decide whether you want an open cabinet or an enclosed one. The wall-mounted cabinets give you the perfect opportunity to display your prized possessions, antique pieces, collectibles, etc. So, suppose you want to create a focal display section in your room. In that case, you should either buy an open wall-mounted cabinet or choose a cabinet made with clear and transparent doors. Consider buying an open cabinet if you regularly use the items kept on it. But, if you want to protect your valuable items from catching dirt and dust, opt for the closed cabinets. 

Number of doors

Furthermore, it would be best if you determined whether you want your storage cabinet to have a single door, double door, sliding door, or pull-up door. Some wall-mounted cabinets have both open and closed storage units. These usually have an open space in the middle to store your books and decorative pieces. It will also have a closed cabinet on both ends where you can keep your other items to avoid the mess. 


The wall-mounted cabinets can help you boost the visual appearance of your space. They not only hold your items but also add a colorful factor to your space. The versatile design of wall-mounted cabinets enables you to customize and create unique and innovative displays. You can choose the design, material, finish, color, and knobs on the door according to your personal preferences. The style and design of your cabinet should be functional and boost the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding space. 


The most commonly used materials to make wall-mounted cabinets are wood and metal. However, most wall-mounted cabinets are made of wood, including solid wood and MDF. All wooden cabinets are durable and sturdy, making them ideal for purchase, as you can use them for many years to come. In addition, you can buy wall-mounted cabinets with glass doors to display beautiful figurines and collectible items. 

Points to Remember:  

  1. Predetermine how many shelves you would need in your storage cabinet. You need to think about the kind of items you will be stored in your storage cabinet and then evaluate the type and number of shelving. 

  2. Don't try to DIY the installation if you plan to buy a large wall-mounted cabinet. Most cabinets arrive with the kit to install the cabinet on the wall, but if you want your cabinet to be durable and sturdy, consider calling an expert to install it. 

  3. If you have kids in your house, refrain from buying a glass wall-mounted cabinet as your child might hurt himself if he tried to crawl upon it. 

Questions and answers about Wall Mounted Cabinets

What is the cheapest product in Wall Mounted Cabinets?

The cheapest product is Bathroom Wall Mount Mirror Cabinet Organizer

Do all Wall Mounted Cabinets ship to me?

All Wall Mounted Cabinets on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Wall Mounted Cabinets?

At Interiorbeat we have 3 brands in Wall Mounted Cabinets. The brand with most products is Mayline Office Furniture, but also HomCom and Costway are popular brands.