Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are a great way to embellish an empty corner and add more storage room to your living room. A corner cabinet is also a great way to showcase expensive collectible items you have collected over the years. It helps elevate your living room and add a featured area. For first-time buyers, choosing the right corner cabinets for their home can be quite a challenge, as there are plenty of different models out there to choose from.

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Why Are Corner Cabinets Must-have Pieces?

When decorating your home, there might be corners that do not have any piece of furniture to adorn them. Turning them into empty spaces that could be improved on. Adding a corner cabinet embellished with decorative patterns and ornamental elements will be a great way to breathe some life in these corners. Turning them into beautiful and alluring zones that will lure your visitors right in. 

For small living rooms, a corner cabinet can also help reduce clutter. Corner cabinets come with a lot of storage space, and you can put a lot of different items into these cabinets. They can contain seasonal decorations when the season has passed, for example! In addition, if the corner cabinets come with shelves, you can display your prized possessions with ease, helping to add a personalized touch to the room. 

Stock vs. Custom Corner Cabinets

Stock corner cabinets are commercially available corner cabinets that do not require customization. You simply have to buy them, and they are ready for use. These corner cabinets are available in standard sizes, and the decorative patterns and the ornamental elements are quite commonplace. The main advantage of these stock corner cabinets is that they fit most decoration schemes with ease, so you can rarely go wrong with them.

Custom corner cabinets are the ones that allow more customization. These corner cabinets are often made from scratch, and they take a reasonable amount of time to make as well. The end result is a beautifully decorated custom corner cabinet that will bring some glow to your corners. However, crafting a custom corner cabinet is a rather arduous process that could take quite a while. In addition, it tends to cost a lot.

Framed vs. Frameless

Corner cabinets also differ from one another in terms of framing as well. Framed corner cabinets and frameless cabinets are two of the most popular types of corner cabinets. Understanding which one will suit your needs is the key to finding the right corner cabinet for your living room.

Framed corner cabinets feature a frame attached to the doors of the cabinet. The frame will help add more rigidity and stability to the doors as a whole, improving their durability. Furthermore, it will also allow you to attach firmer hinges, which will prevent hinge breakage. As a result, if you wish to go for the most durable corner cabinets, it certainly is worth it to take a look at framed models. 

Frameless corner cabinets are also a favorite choice. Instead of having frames, the doors of these cabinets feature one seamless surface with no interruption. Giving off a sleek and modern vibe that will go well with most modern households. The tradeoff lies in the fact that these corner cabinets are less sturdy than their counterparts, so you will have to pay close attention to the hinges from time to time. 

What Items You Will Store in the Cabinets

The number of drawers your corner cabinets should have is essential to consider. Having too many drawers means that you might have a cabinet that ends up being bigger than you intended it to be. Conversely, if you have way too few drawers, you will not have enough space to store all of the items you need. The best way to prevent either of these situations is to estimate how many items you plan to store within the cabinets. You should also consider the different item categories, as you will want to keep them in different drawers.

Be Creative With the Colors and Finishes

When it comes to colors and finishes, you can try to add your own personal touch to the corner cabinets by being a little bit more creative. Stained cabinets are some of the most popular choices, and they feature a uniform look that exudes a luxurious vibe. Try painted cabinets if you wish to go for a more unique look. However, they do require a lot more maintenance than stained cabinets.