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Do you often struggle to find the books you read recently or plan to read soon? Is it hard to keep them organized in a systematic order? When you own thousands of books, you can never have enough storage space to display them. The ladder bookcases are going to be your best friend to resolve the issue of disorganization and give you the perfect space to display your books and other knick-knacks beautifully. Ladder bookcases are very sturdy as they come with a strong frame that stands beside the wall. They enable you to store heavy books and items on it without being worried about tipping them over.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Ladder Bookcases

In addition to giving you an effective organization method, the versatile and unique design of ladder bookcases makes them perfect for sprucing up the aesthetic of any room. However, finding the right ladder bookcase for your house can be tricky. Unless you consider several factors to help you find the best ladder bookcase without feeling overwhelmed or tired. 


Before buying a ladder bookcase, you need to decide where you will be placing it. These bookcases come in a wide variety of designs, making them perfect for any room. Ladder bookcases are visually appealing and attractive; hence you can use them anywhere in your house to create a focal point. 

Once you have selected a location for your bookcase, you need to determine how much space you have available to add the new furniture piece. Before you commit to one size of the bookcase, you need to make sure you have enough space for it. For example, it would be frustrating if you bought a bigger ladder bookcase, and you don't have any place to keep it. 


After you calculate the available space, you need to evaluate the size of your ladder bookcase. Generally, all ladder bookcases are tall with narrow frames, enabling you to add more shelves to showcase more items. But, if your room's ceiling is low, then it could cause a problem. Even though the ladder bookcase won't touch the ceiling, you would still want to leave some room on the top shelf to keep the items. So, when you measure the space for your bookcase, make sure to calculate the height. The width of the ladder bookcase will depend on the amount of space available on the floor. However, it would be best if you tried to buy a bookcase with a height up to your eye level.  

Additionally, it would be best to determine how many shelves you would need with your bookcase. Usually, these ladder bookcases come with 4-6 shelves, with the broader shelf at the bottom. However, as you go towards the top, the width of the shelves reduces. Hence, it would help to think about how many books you will display on the bookcase and ensure that your bookcase has enough shelves. 


Choosing the suitable material for your ladder bookcase is crucial, as it should be durable and sturdy. So, you can't rely on the first option you see when looking for the best ladder bookcases. The material of your bookcase will impact its visual appearance as well. Most of the ladder bookcases have metal frames with wooden shelves. However, you can also find some shelves with metal frames with mirrored surfaces. These bookcases look very elegant if you add LED lights to the frame and display your books, with some flower vases and other decorative items. 


In addition to the material used to make the ladder bookcase, you should also carefully choose a color. The color of your bookcase should blend perfectly with the room's current decor. It should boost the room's aesthetic appeal instead of overpowering the colors of other elements. Consider buying ladder bookcases with black, brown, and other neutral colors if you want your books to stand out. 

Points to Remember:  

  1. You should buy a tall, narrow ladder bookcase with limited horizontal space. It will not cover much space on the floor, and you can use the unused vertical space on the wall. 

  2. Ladder bookcases are decorative and functional. So, if one ladder bookcase won't have enough storage for you, consider buying two of them and placing them right next to each other. This will create a unique decorative furniture piece. 

  3. The finish of the metal frame should match the rest of the furniture pieces in the room. Consider matching it with the doorknobs or knobs of any drawers. 

Questions and answers about Ladder Bookcases

What is the cheapest product in Ladder Bookcases?

The cheapest product is 3-Shelf Backless Bookcase

Do all Ladder Bookcases ship to me?

All Ladder Bookcases on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Ladder Bookcases?

At Interiorbeat we have 10 brands in Ladder Bookcases. The brand with most products is New Ridge Home Goods, but also Linon Home Decor and Costway are popular brands.