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Do you want your kids to read more without creating a mess in the room? Create an organization system for their books with the help of kids' bookshelves. These kids' bookshelves are a great way to hold their books and work as a focal point of any room due to their stunning design and appealing appearance. In addition, they enable you to neatly display your kid's book so that you can get them into the habit of finding a book to read on their own. There are many exciting and functional designs of kids' bookshelves in the market. You can use them to display your kid's books, small toys, trophies, and other board games.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Kids' Bookcases

Kids' bookcases are a great way to showcase books for your kids. They provide ample storage space to store the books without worrying about the mess. In addition, you can use these storage spaces to get your kids to organize their books. Unfortunately, kids' bookcases are available in different designs, styles, and sizes, making it very difficult to find the right one for your kid's room. If you are looking for the best kids' bookcases for your house, you need to consider various factors before purchasing. 


Getting your child into the habit of reading books is a significant decision. However, it often leaves a big pile of mess on the floor. Kids' bookshelves help you to keep their books organized and displayed correctly. But, before you start shopping around for the new storage unit, you need to determine the size of your kids' bookshelves. 

These bookshelves come in different sizes and designs to help you find the right books storage for your child. The size of your bookshelves depends on the amount of space available in the room and your child's age. For example, you don't want to buy big bookshelves for your three-year-old child. They might have a lot of storybooks, but a big storage unit can be a safety hazard for them. Similarly, you don't want to buy small bookshelves for your teen kids, who might have hundreds of books. So, while deciding the size of your kids' bookshelves, you need to think about how many books you want to display in them and do you have enough space to put the new furniture piece. 


There is a wide array of bookshelves types available to choose the best kids bookshelves. Depending on your child's age, you can choose to buy small bookshelves that can help you store your toddler's books and toys. In addition, many floating shelves can be mounted on the walls to create storage space for your kid's books. The next option is to buy space-saving storage, making it easier for your child to pick a book. Additionally, you can purchase book caddies to store your child's books and take them anywhere you want with ease. 


Finding suitable material for your kids' bookshelves is significant. Various bookshelves are made of different materials such as wood, plastic, and steel. Still, you need to ensure that the material used to make your kids' bookshelves does not contain harmful toxins and chemicals for your child's safety. In addition, the material should be rust-proof, warp-resistant, water-resistant, and should be able to withstand heavyweights. Finally, buying a bookshelf for your kids is a very significant purchase, so you need to make sure that the material is sturdy and durable. 


There are two styles of kids' bookshelves - freestanding and wall-mounted. You should permanently mount your storage units to the walls for your kid's security. Suppose you have limited space in your room. In that case, wall-mounted bookshelves are the perfect way to create additional storage space above the ground. These bookshelves not only resolve the issue of cluttered books, but different styles can also help you boost the aesthetic of your kids' room. Match the color of your kids' bookshelves with the color scheme of their room. You can ask them about their favorite color and then incorporate it into the design of the bookshelves. 

Points to Remember:  

  1. Check if the shelves are adequately secured and can withstand heavyweights. It would be best to make sure that the kids' bookshelves are safe for your kids to use. 

  2. The height of your kids' bookshelves should be equal to your kid's eye levels. So, when you are determining the size of your storage unit, consider the age and height of your kids. 

  3. Consider buying wall-mounted kids bookshelves to ensure the safety of your child. If your bookcase is standing on the floor, there is a risk of falling over your child. It would help if you secured it by drilling it into the wall. 

  4. The edges of your kids' bookshelves should be childproof. You can purchase covers to put on the edges so your child won't get hurt. 

Questions and answers about Kids Bookshelves

What is the cheapest product in Kids Bookshelves?

The cheapest product is IRIS 27"H 2-Tier Curved Edge Storage Shelf

Do all Kids Bookshelves ship to me?

All Kids Bookshelves on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Kids Bookshelves?

At Interiorbeat we have 4 brands in Kids Bookshelves. The brand with most products is Iris, but also Costway and Qaba are popular brands.