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Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing time in the backyard or invite friends and family to dine alfresco, don't let the spark of the event fade as the sun goes down. So, make sure you have the perfect outdoor wall lights to highlight the beauty of your outdoor patio and illuminate the space for a magical ambiance. If you're having trouble deciding on the right outdoor wall lights, we're here to help.

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    Dorado 9" Outdoor Wall Light Dark Bronze by Vaxel Lighting
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What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Wall Lights

It is unlikely that you will want to replace outdoor lighting fixtures regularly. So, your choice of outdoor wall lights must compliment your interior style and illuminate your front door, porch, or backyard patio. Consider the following factors before purchasing wall lights for your exterior:

Calculate the Lighting Wattage

If you don't want to overwhelm your outdoor space with too much light or make it look shadowy, it's vital to calculate the lighting wattage required for the specific outdoor area you want to illuminate.

Low wattage bulbs are ideal for outdoor seating or dining areas because they cast a soft glow that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Higher wattage would be too bright and harsh at night for the guests to enjoy an outdoor meal.

Choose the Right Sized Wall Lights

Why is the size of the outdoor wall lights important? Choosing the appropriate size plays an essential role in illuminating the space right and adding to the beauty of your home. Whether you prefer large outdoor wall lights or small ones, we recommend you take a paper template and determine the position and size of the fixture before buying one. 

If you only want one light on your porch or back patio, a good rule of thumb is to choose a fixture that is one-third the height of the front door. It will fit perfectly without being too large-scale. If you want to flaunt an array of lights at the door, go for light fixtures that are one-fourth of the door's height.

Ensure Proper Placement of the Lights

If you want to install solar outdoor wall lights, make sure they are in areas that get enough sunlight. Although initial installation can be costly, these solar-powered lights are energy-efficient in the long run.

For plug-in wall lights, ensure that they have access to power outlets. These lights must be placed in areas where cords can be extended. However, remember to conceal the cables for safety and aesthetics.

As the name suggests, hard-wired wall lights are directly connected to the electrical wiring of the house. Therefore, they need to be installed correctly, maintaining safety measures. 

Type and Durability of the Light Bulb

When buying outdoor wall lights, consider the bulbs that add beauty and radiance without compromising quality and durability. 

  • LED Bulbs: Led outdoor wall lights are considered the best for outdoor lighting due to their durability and efficiency to serve you for years without the need for replacements. They require little to no maintenance at all and are completely safe to use. LED lights will help achieve the perfect lighting solution for your outdoor setting. 

  • CFL or Halogen Bulbs: Compact Fluorescent (CFL) or halogen bulbs are common. But they tend to get hot very quickly and can lead to hazards if the bulbs break. They produce a crisp and bright light, often undesirable in outdoor settings unless used for outdoor security.

  • Incandescent Bulbs: Incandescent bulbs have a glass enclosure and are prone to damage when exposed to rain or outdoor elements. Make sure to check the safety rating on the packaging if you plan to buy one. 

Pick the Correct Style and Color

To create a unified look, the design and color of your outdoor wall lights must match the aesthetics of your interior and exterior styling. For example, warm-toned lighting will add a cheerful and energetic vibe to your outdoor space. In contrast, cool-toned lighting will add a calm and relaxing ambiance. Know your preferred style and choose accordingly. 

  • Traditional: Some prefer traditional features to set a luxurious tone on outdoor wall lights for houses. 

  • Contemporary homes: Others prefer minimal and clean-lined designs for a sleek and sophisticated look for modern homes.

  • Farmhouses:  Go for a balance of simplicity and rustic charm through bold design and dark-toned colors.

  • Industrial houses: Exhibit a vintage appeal and flaunt deep-hued metal bases with caged designs. 

Bottom Line:

Before purchasing an outdoor wall light for your home, consider its size, position, placement, and design. Outdoor wall lights should be resistant to outdoor elements and provide security benefits while providing the perfect illumination to add visual value to your outdoor setting.

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