Study Lamps

Many people spend a lot of time on their study tables, especially during work from home. It raises a need for a quality light source or a study lamp. And while purchasing a lamp seems like an easy task, it is not the case. Getting a lamp that does not cause eye strain and features several options is not easy. You need to take care of the right style, size, and type with different options that satisfy your requirements in your home or workspace.

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Lamp Types

The correct table lamp can be a helpful tool for your study room, office, and library. Study lamps are used to light and make the perfect working environment without stressing and straining the eyes. So, an ideal lamp should be a perfect blend of form and function and include some essential features to fulfill your task needs.

There are around five types of table lamps available:

Halogen Table Lamp: Halogen Table Lamp is an ideal option if you have a lot of reading work. These lamps feature bright natural light, making it easy to focus and reducing strain on the eyes. These are among the best table lamps for study.

Incandescent Desk Lamp: A typical bulb is used in this table lamp, and light is produced from the burning filament. It offers warm and yellowish light.

Full Spectrum Table Lamp: If you are an interior designer or a graphic designer, then a full-spectrum table lamp is right for you. These lamps enhance the color as the light of these lamps covers the spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared rays.

Fluorescent Table Lamp: This specific type of lamp comes in various styles and shapes. These lamps are the best fit to complement the decor of your room. These table lamps offer good coverage with their natural-looking light.


Before purchasing study lamps, make sure to consider the lighting requirements. There are many lamps available that feature dimmer switches along with other lighting functions. If you prefer aesthetics, then, of course, you can also look for the decor of the selected lamps.

Make sure that you are aware of the height of the lamp you are searching for. Some lamps offer flexible arms to adjust the height as per your requirements. Besides this, also check if it is offering the desired brightness or not.

Bulb Type

It is another important factor that determines the light output. Having knowledge about your workstation will help you select the type of lamp to make your work easier. We know that different study lamp bulbs provide various benefits.


The study lamps are made with various types of materials. The common type of study lamp contains a plastic mold, a metal neck that is flexible and covered in ceramic, plastic, wood, etc.

Lighting Adjustments

The study lamps come with various types of lighting adjustments. It includes a low/high power switch, dimmer that allows you to adjust light intensity.


The important thing to understand is what adjustment controls you expect from your study lamps. Then, try to get the same in your selected one.

Lamp Size and Designs

Lamps come in various designs and sizes. Therefore, it is important to determine the size of the lamp required for your workspace. And when it comes to lamp design, be clear about your needs. Whether you want a practical design to enhance lighting or some cozy thing to improve your office decor.


It is suggested to carefully check the design you are thinking of buying. Make sure that your lamp has a sturdy base and it must fit in the designated place.

Color Temperature

It is used to measure the coolness and warmth of the white light, calculated in Kelvin units. The higher you go on the K scale, the lesser warmth you will get in your light. It means the light you get will move towards the blue spectrum. It is essential as the visuals of light impact the atmosphere.


Generally, cooler color temperatures enhance brain activities which are helpful to increase productivity. On the other hand, warm color temperatures are very calming. You can consider 4000K and above for task lighting as it is more illuminating and better. So, knowing about all these things will be helpful to select the best study lamps or floor lamps for study rooms or workspaces.