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Imagine getting the best contemporary interior with the most elegantly modern designed lamp and then fitting this lamp with a rustic shade. Doesn't sound right, does it? Well, it is obvious that the lampshade will look odd and stand out.  However, mismatching lamps and lampshades are not that uncommon. It's because most people are not experienced in selecting lamp shades. They buy whatever seems eye-pleasing. Don't be one of these people. Take your time, research your lamp and consider everything from your interior to the lamp size before getting your lampshades. 

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  • Savona Set of 2 Table Lamps by Ashley Furniture
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    Savona Set of 2 Table Lamps by Ashley Furniture
  • Top Hat Finial by Shades of Light
    Shades of Light
    Top Hat Finial by Shades of Light
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How to Choose the Right Lampshade

The first part of selecting modern lamp shades is to decide their shape. This part is easy and won't need much thinking. You have to just consider the lamp base and select the shape that goes with it. Usually, it's fine to keep the lampshade shape the same as that of the lampstand. In other words, get round shades for a rounded lamp base, rectangular shade for a rectangular base, and so on. 

It's also possible to mix and match them like you can go for a round shape shade for a rectangular base or a rectangular shade for a rounded base. However, it's tricky to create these combos.


If you have a round base, you can go for a round or hexagonal lamps shade, while square or angular base suits with square shades.

Height and Width 

The size of lamp shades plays an important part in its lighting effect, and the lampstands it will suit with. It's the most crucial aspect as a large shade on a small base will not balance properly, while small lamp shades on a large base will look weird.

The golden rule here is to measure the height and width of your lamp base and find unique lamp shades according to them. The height of a lampstand will always stay in a 60-40 ratio with the shade. It means that the height of the lampshades is ⅔ of your lamp stand's height. 

Similarly, the standard width of the lampshade base is twice the width of the base. If your lamp has a diameter of 10 inches, the shade base will have a diameter of 20 inches. 

There are some unique lampshades that will not follow this exact ratio, but most will. So, you can depend on these ratios for most purchases.


It's also a good idea to consider your slight source while deciding lamp shade size, especially its width. The LED and CFL can sustain close contact with the shade. However, older techs like a tungsten bulb or incandescent light emit heat. Thus, the shade has to maintain distance from them.


Most of the modern table lamp shades are used for decorative purposes, like for highlighting a spot. However, many still prefer lamps for stuff like reading or for enhancing the ambiance of the place. The material type that you select will depend on this part.

If you plan to use the lampshades to direct light in a particular direction, you need opaque shades. Silk, laminated cards, and parchments are the right material for this type.

In contrast, if the lampshade is for reading or ambiance enhancement, you will need something to spread light. A translucent sheer fabric or paper-based shade is best for this task.  

Colors and Pattern

The color and patterns of your lampshades depend on the interior and its functionality. Usually, if the lamp is for a studying corner, it looks better in lighter shades. Similarly, for creating interesting contrast and enhancing aesthetics, a darker color is better. 

The pattern, on the other hand, will depend on the elements of your room. It needs to echo with the cushions, nearby furniture, and walls. It's also a good idea to alter the shades and patterns according to the season.

Questions and answers about Lamp Shades

What is the cheapest product in Lamp Shades?

The cheapest product is Top Hat Finial

Do all Lamp Shades ship to me?

All Lamp Shades on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Lamp Shades?

At Interiorbeat we have 2 brands in Lamp Shades. The brand with most products is Ashley Furniture, but also Shades of Light is a popular brand.