Pendant Lighting

The arrival of modern pendant lighting has immensely broadened the understanding and definition of pendant lighting. As a result, pendant Lighting is one of the most preferred light fixtures seen in homes. It offers a unique style and luxurious look. Generally, this lighting is used in areas having open floor plans like game rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. In addition, you can select from a wide variety of types, finishes, styles, and designs as per the decor of your room. Some fixtures work best on their own, while some work great if you pair them with something that illuminates the space.

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Pendant Lighting Styles 

Plenty of pendant lights are available, ranging from small or big, multiple or single, to neutral tones or colorful.

While buying pendant lighting, style is one of the most basic characteristics to consider. Then, you can pick the style you like and the one which works best for your decor. 

Traditional Pendant Lights: You can choose traditional pendant lighting to get a classic look for your room. You can get a wide range from antique to farmhouse to rustic in this style. Also, this style has more beautification and is more detailed.

Contemporary Pendant Lighting: If you want a minimalistic and simple look for your room, the contemporary pendant lights are the best fit. 

Transitional Pendant Lighting: This lighting is a perfect blend of modern and traditional. It allows you to combine elements of both styles to provide a personalized look. 

Unique Pendant Lighting: If you are looking for more fun and informal look, you can choose unique pendant lighting. These fixtures give you maximum personalization. 


There are a number of themes such as coastal, novelty, vintage, industrial, etc. which you can select within each style.

Materials and Finishes

The material of your Pendant lights does not just impact the look but also the quality of the fixture. For example, the affordable pendant lights have bowls or shades made of fabric or plastic. Whereas the premium pendant lights are made with glass and metals. So, you can choose the material that suits your budget and needs. 

Besides the material, there is a wide selection of finishes and colors available from which you can choose. Common light finishes are black iron, polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. 


The cost of the pendant lighting will be based on various factors, including the manufacturing brand, style, and type of the fixtures. To find out the best pendant lighting that perfectly fits your budget, consider the required number of fixtures along with the installation costs. 


If there is a need to hire someone for installation, adding that cost to the overall price would be wise. However, if you form a budget before browsing, then purchasing a pendant light would be easier.   

The Room & Placement

The pendant light which is best suitable for one place could be a disaster for others. Therefore, the location where you install the fixtures has a vital role in determining the final choice to buy.

If you want more light, you should decide that you want one with multiple lights, a bigger pendant, or multiple mini-pendants. Suppose the light is utilized as supplementary light for a particular place. In that case, you may pick the one which is made explicitly for ambient lighting. 

If both things don’t matter for you, you can make your choice considering only style and functionality. 

Different lighting options are designed for specific places, such as bathroom pendant lighting, kitchen pendant lighting, kitchen island pendant lighting, linear pendant lighting, etc. So, you can go for the one that perfectly caters to your requirements. 


Always choose the one that offers the required light and provides a look that complements your home decor.