Kitchen Ceiling Lights

The kitchen is an important area of your home that needs a lot of light, both for decorative and practical purposes. Therefore, the kitchen must remain bright and well-lit most of the time, especially when preparing food for dinner. A dimly-lit kitchen prevents you from preparing the ingredients and meals properly, which might slightly affect the quality of the meals. To illuminate your kitchen, using kitchen ceiling lights is one of the best solutions. As they are fixed on the ceiling, these lights will provide a wide area of light coverage, making sure that you will not have to use a lot of ceiling light fixtures.

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Criteria for a Perfect Kitchen Ceiling Lights Plan

You need to remember that certain criteria will determine whether a kitchen ceiling lighting system is installed properly. If you familiarize yourself with these criteria, choosing the appropriate kitchen ceiling lights for your home will be much easier.

The first criterion is how well your ceiling lights illuminate an area. The kitchen will need to stay well-lit most of the time, so the kitchen ceiling lights need to illuminate a vast area with as few lights as possible. 

Next, you should look for how layered the lighting system is. Every lighting system should have clearly defined layers that will help to elevate the room without affecting the lighting efficiency of the setup as a whole. For example, the right kitchen ceiling lights plan should have three distinctive layers: ambient, accent, and task lighting.

The Different Layers of Light

As mentioned above, adding layers of light is a crucial step, as it allows the room to look more complex and more homely. This section will expand upon what each layer is and its role.

  • Ambient layer: Also known as the background light. The ambient layer of a lighting plan will spread the light evenly throughout the space, ensuring that every part of the room will receive ample lighting.

  • Accent layer: This layer of light will accent the most aesthetically pleasing room items such as artwork or a marble counter. This accent layer is significant if you wish to elevate your kitchen and reel visitors’ attention.

  • Task layer: The task lighting layer will focus on the finer and smaller details of the room, allowing you to pay attention to your work without straining your eyes. 

Flush Ceiling Lights and Semi-flush Ceiling Lights

These two types of ceiling lights are the most common types of ceiling lights you will encounter. Each of these types will provide a certain set of benefits that the other lacks, so it is essential to understand the main differences between the two types. 

Flush ceiling lights do not hang down from the ceiling. Instead, there is a minimal gap between the body of these lights and the ceiling. This means that these lights feel as if they were stuck on the ceiling.

On the other hand, semi-flush ceiling lights feature light fixtures that slightly hang down from the ceiling. However, the gap between the fixture and the ceiling is still comparatively narrow. As a result, semi-flush ceiling lights look similar to hanging chandeliers without overwhelming and cluttering.

Pay Attention to the Different Styles of Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights come in many different styles, and if you wish to elevate your home, it is a good idea to mix and match the various styles of lights!

Globe-style lights are the classic and traditional choice that will never disappoint you. These ceiling lights will impart a vintage and classy look to the kitchen. These lights can also be made of frosted glass to deliver a wide range of light effects. Another classic variant to consider is bowl-shaped lights, which might also come with square corners for a more unique look. 

If you are looking for something more pronounced and elaborate, urn-shaped lights will be a great choice. These lights can even be used to create shadow effects that will dazzle your guests, featuring gracefully curved lines and an exaggerated dome,

Another great ceiling light style to choose is drum-style ceiling lights. These lights diffuse light in multiple directions, modeled after a drum, brightening up the room considerably. What is also different is that these lights often come with a decorative shade that will guide how the light is diffused.