Wine Rack Cabinets

Collecting top-notch and premium quality wine is a passion for many people. However, this love of fancy wine and its collection does not end with investing in them. Tidily stacking them up is also an integral part of it. Wine Rack Cabinets are the ultimate solution for storing your wine collection, keeping them safe, allowing them to age to taste better, and creating an alluring impression. They can also safeguard your wine bottles from extreme vibrations, temperature variations, light, and noise while providing an aesthetic appeal.

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How To Choose The Best Wine Rack Cabinet

The options are unlimited when it comes to designs and styles of wine storage units. Be it for your home or business place, there's always a wine rack design that will fit in perfectly. In addition, it can easily uplift the appeals of the site, provided you select it carefully.

Wine Rack Cabinets have a diverse range, so choosing the right one is a bit of a task. To ease this task, you can consider a few factors and make a rational choice.


There is no such thing as a universally perfect Wine Rack Cabinet. So, before you pick the best one for you, it is vital to know about the types and their suitability.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted wine racks not only render you double wine bottle holding capacity but also work as an extra element of decor hanging on the wall. Moreover, some wine racks' visual contribution to the space is more than their job of storing wines.

If you do not want the cabinet to occupy the floor space, this type is well-suited for you. However, since these racks are meant to be hung, they are small and have a smaller capacity.

Countertop Wine Rack

Countertop wine rack cabinets are designed to be placed and fitted on any countertop because of their small size. But even with that size, you expect a holding capacity of 40-50 bottles. You can place it in your kitchen, living room, dining room and save floor space. 

Floor Wine Rack

Typically, a floor wine rack can accommodate a large number of bottles because of its size and capacity. This category of wine racks has many types, sizes, and designs of racks. You can choose the size that best fits your area and correspond to your love for the avid collection. 

As for colors and design, it's all up to your preferences. You can also choose the design and the color that goes with the existing theme of your room. Or, you create a focal point by picking a unique themed cabinet rack. 

The best thing about floor wine racks is that you do not have to worry about the weight you will put on. They rest on the floor, which makes these racks flexible for storing many wine bottles in these racks. In addition, these Wine Rack Cabinets will provide you with ample interior storage along with drawers, cupboards, and serving surfaces. 


The most renowned material used to construct wine rack cabinets is wood. Mahogany and redwood mark the quality of the rack as premium. These wood materials are highly durable and sturdy. However, they can bear heavyweights, making it difficult to shift the cabinet often.

If you are looking for a better or an affordable option, pinewood is the best choice as there will be no compromise with the design and looks. The most prominent feature about wood is that it is much stronger, can blend in with almost any interior decor, and has low maintenance.

Metals are also a popular choice of material for wine racks. You can opt for metal racks to provide your interiors' modern and contemporary look. Traditionally, the metallic racks will come in either black or silver color. But the variety of colors has also widened with time. So, you can get them in several colors and even get them in different patterns. 


You can transform your storage of a collection of wines into art by choosing an alluring rack design that fits perfectly in your space. In fact, it is a major consideration for many potential wine rack cabinet buyers. 

Although you can find colorful wine rack cabinets in the market, earthy and rustic colors provide an unmatchable classy and elegant look. However, beauty is purely a subjective matter; you can pick the one that you find the most attractive. 

Size And Capacity

The size of the wine rack cabinets should be such that it fits the available space easily and serve the purpose of storing bottles. If you are a keen wine lover and wish to enhance it further, go for a high-capacity rack that can house many bottles without looking congested. 

For that, you will need to measure your space and find the location in your house that will be suitable to accommodate a large cabinet. Whereas, if you have simple and sorted needs, you can choose a small rack having a holding capacity of up to 20 bottles. 


Although most wine bottles come in a standard size, some bottles, including Champagne and Bordeaux, are magnum-sized. So to store them, you will need a rack that can easily take care of your different-sized bottles.