Rolling Bars

The rolling bar cart is a multi-functional piece of furniture enjoying a big comeback through the Mad Men era. It has been associated with mid-century modern design. Rolling bars are finally getting the respect it deserves. It is an excellent concept of bringing the bar into your own home and a practical way to free up some space in your liquor cabinet. Bar carts were designed as tea trolleys in the Victorian era and later upgraded into a cart for alcoholic beverages. Rolling bars also make great decor or accent pieces in a room.

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Rolling bars

The design and style of portable rolling bars fall to the most important elements – simplicity and functionality. Since the primary purpose of the rolling bar is to be a place to make and serve cocktails, make sure to leave an open workspace and avoid making it look cluttered.

The wheels on the rolling bars for home make it easy to reposition the cart, keeping it off to the side when not in use and then rolling it into the room when you're ready to drink. In addition, portable rolling bars with a lip or rail help prevent bottles or glassware from getting accidentally knocked off. Avoid placing your rolling bar cart where guests will repeatedly bump into it; consider placing the cart away from the obvious bottleneck areas. Meanwhile, positioning a cart in an entry hall or foyer can be a wonderful way to welcome guests.

Tip:  Having rolling bars to make a major statement as the center of attention in a space, try incorporating pretty cloth napkins and beverages that come in striking bottles. Add some unique bottle openers, wine stoppers, wine coasters, and colorful types of disposable items like straws and toothpicks. Serve punch or sangria in a beautiful pitcher or glass dispenser. If you're serving scotch, for example, consider a crystal container.

The rolling bar cart is greatly admired for its exceptional flexibility and decorative potential. It comes in every style and has an amazing range of sizes. It can be used in any kind of space. It is the perfect double-duty piece of furniture because it can be a full-service portable rolling bar or a movable serving stand to use during meals. It can also work as a side table or a console for formal living and dining rooms and be used in home offices and bedrooms. Providing efficient and effective extra storage is a strong feature for the rolling bars at home.

Factors to Look for Before Buying a Portable Rolling Bar for Your Home

Consider the rolling bar's size and think about how much space you have to work with and how much storage and surface area you're going to need. Ensure that there should be enough space for a few bottles of liquor, some glasses, and a few accessories such as ice buckets or stir sticks.  

Your style choice will also have some impact – choose pieces with classic and minimalist designs that fit easily with most aesthetics. The shape is also a feature to be considered; rolling bars with simple lines work best.

Mobility is important in making a portable rolling bar serve its purpose. Look for rolling bars with lockable casters and brakes that allow easy movement and locks for high stability.

Usually, a rolling bar only needs two or three flat surfaces to place drinks, but having a few additional details goes a long way. Some features to look for would be guardrails, built-in racks for wine bottles, and glasses. In addition, an adjustable shelf that can be installed in different positions according to your needs and removable trays can serve food.