Curio Cabinets

Curio cabinets are the more modern and more adaptable cousins of traditional china display cabinets. They are used to help collectors put the pieces of their collection on display, and they will also protect the pieces from thefts or curious children and pets. Curio cabinets’ more modern look than china display cabinets’ means that they tend to be more prevalent than their distant cousins. You could see modern curio cabinets in a contemporary-style home, where you will very rarely see a china display cabinet. Buying a curio cabinet will help you display your prized possessions and add a featured section to your living space.

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When to choose curio cabinets?

Curio cabinets and china display cabinets are very similar to one another. Still, one significant difference sets them apart: Modern curio cabinets feature see-through glasses in the front and on both sides. Meanwhile, a china display cabinet would only feature see-through glass doors in the front, and both sides are enclosed. This difference is by no means universal, but most models adhere to this design template. 

Curio cabinets allow you and your visitors to marvel at the collectible items from all angles with see-through glasses on the sides and in the front. This essentially means that your curio cabinets can be used to display more than just china wares. You can use it to display perfume bottles or personal items that you are attached to. Thus, curio cabinets feature a much wider range of applications than china display cabinets, making them much more versatile.

To expand on the above, they can be used in any home, and they come in all different sizes depending on what type of items you want to store inside them. You could use curio cabinets in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room – anywhere! And since curio cabinets are more modern than china display cabinets, they will fit into almost any decorating scheme.

Consider the different types of curio cabinets

Curio cabinets come in a huge variety of styles and types, which is why they are more adaptable than china display cabinets. The two most popular types of curio cabinets are self-standing cabinets and wall-mounted curio cabinets. 

Self-standing curio cabinets are large cabinets that can stand on their own, and these pieces are often the centerpieces of the room, attracting visitors’ attention. Self-standing curio cabinets come with a lot more display space than the other types, and they can be moved when necessary, albeit with some difficulties. The main drawback of these cabinets is that they take up a lot of space in your room. Thus, they are not the best choices for a small room or a small home.

Wall curio cabinets allow you to put another furniture piece directly below them, allowing you to save up a lot of space. Thus, these kinds of curio cabinets are much more friendly towards small living areas. The downside is that they are quite difficult to install since you will have to fasten them to a part of your wall. They are also immobile, and it could take a lot of effort to relocate these cabinets if necessary. 

Take the size of the cabinets into account 

The size of your curio cabinets is also an essential factor in the equation. When deciding whether you should go for big curio cabinets or small ones, you should take a look at your collection first. Pick out the most important and most outstanding pieces that you will put on display, and if there are not many of them, going for a small cabinet might be the better idea. On the other hand, if there are a lot of them (more than 10 items) and you have a large room, a large curio cabinet will be a great centerpiece in your living room.

Choose the appropriate style 

The style of your curio cabinet should be in harmony with the overall decoration scheme of the room. However, curio cabinets do have one good advantage: They come in a lot of different styles. 

Traditional curio cabinets, including the famous clock curio cabinets, are the oldest style of curio cabinets. Boasting stately pediments and beautiful inlays, these cabinets are the majestic reminders of a bygone era, and they will be the perfect addition to an Edwardian or a Victorian room.

More modern and more approachable are transitional curio cabinets, which boast the same pediments and design elements that make traditional cabinets so beautiful. However, transitional curio cabinets feature more tamed decorations, so they are ideal for most traditional homes with many modern elements. 

A subset of these transitional curio cabinets is country cabinets. Country cabinets have discarded most of the elaborated ornamental elements, keeping on the most fundamental ones such as beaded molding, scalloped aprons, and wainscotting. These cabinets work like a charm in a rustic room or living space.

Contemporary curio cabinets have done away with many ornamental elements, opting for clean and sleek lines instead. They still exude an unmistakable charm, but they look more relaxed and calming, making them the best choices for a home with an industrial decoration scheme.