Kitchen Cupboards

Cupboards are used for adequately organizing items and creating an attractive outlook. You can also put various essential things in them for easy access. In simple words, you can say that cupboards serve the purpose of handling mess. Similarly, these cupboards play a vital role in your kitchen, where you will find various small or large items. These items can be vegetables, kitchen equipment, groceries, utensils, and many other things that give a messy look to your kitchen. You can improve the look of your kitchen by putting all these items in their respective cupboards.

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Material of Cupboards

Always consider the size, design, color, and material of cupboards you will fit in your kitchen. It is essential to get the right material of cupboards for converting your kitchen from a messy to a well-maintained area. 

The durability and looks of your kitchen cupboard are highly dependent upon the material used for manufacturing them. So, be sure to keep this in mind at the time of purchase.

  •  Solid Wood: Cupboards made from solid wood are the best choice to get durable and timeless cupboards for your kitchen. These ever-green cupboards will enhance the look of your kitchen by adding a style to them.

  • Fibreboards: Fibreboards are also used for making modern and stylish kitchen cupboards. These are available in different designs and colors so you can choose the suitable one for your kitchen. Usually, fibreboards of high-density and medium-density are used for making durable cupboards.

  • Plywood: Plywood is also used as basic material for making cupboards. It is mainly used as outer sheets of cupboards for giving them a more stylish and designer look.


Various kinds of cupboards are available in the market. Therefore, you can choose suitable ones depending upon your requirement.

  • Sink Base Cupboards: As the name signifies, sink-based cupboards are preferable for sinks. These cupboards are used for placing utensils in them after washing. So, if you don’t have enough free shelves for utensils, you can put extra utensils in cupboards.

  • Corner Cupboards: Corner cupboards are designed to fit various empty places in your kitchen. Depending on your requirement, you can fit a corner cupboard at any corner of your kitchen. Moreover, these cupboards are available in various designs and styles, so you can get the best design suitable for your kitchen.

  • Wall Cupboards: Wall cupboards are generally mounted on walls. You can put various kitchen appliances such as microwaves for easy access and use. These cupboards are available in different dimensions, so you can choose according to your requirement.

  • Pantry Cupboards: Pantry cupboards are available with various shelves and are used for placing food items on them. The number of shelves depends upon the size of the pantry table. You can go with these pantry cupboards to put all the food items in the right place for easy access.

Choose a Right Design

Kitchen cupboards are available with different designs-both contemporary or minimalist. You can select the best one according to the theme of your kitchen.

  • Framed Cupboards: Framed cupboards are designed with 1.5 inches to 5-inch frames to give proper shape to the cupboards. This structured frame adds stability and sturdiness to the cupboards. These cupboards are the most commonly used cupboards for kitchens. 

  • Frameless Cupboards: Frameless cupboards are available without a face frame. Drawers are attached directly to the cupboard. These cupboards give a modern and smooth look to your kitchen.    

  • Partial Door Overlay: Partial overlay cupboards doors are designed with 2-inch space between the door frames. These cupboards give a traditional look to your kitchen and are an economical option.

  • Full Door Overlay: These are designed with extra-large forefronts to fully cover the drawers leaving a low face frame. The appearance of these cabinets is more modern and stylish than partial overlay cupboards.