Grandpas Cabin Student Desk
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Grandpas Cabin Student Desk by Liberty Furniture


The Grandpa's Cabin Student Desk is perfect for the bedroom, den or office. Made from hardwoods and ash with oak veneers it features an aged finish that adds to its rustic look! With two drawers as well as a flip-down keyboard tray this inviting spot will have you sitting down working away in no time at all Ages ago there was nothing better than coming home after school had ended on those cold winter days; walking past our front gate without even noticing how beautiful everything looked inside because your mind was already filled up thinking about what fun things were waiting inside - food being one of them (we knew where ours would be). As soon.
Reasons to buy Grandpas Cabin Student Desk by Liberty Furniture:
  • It has a keyboard tray.
  • You can choose to have two drawers or one drawer.
  • The desk is perfect for your home office because it's brown and rustic, like your cabin.


Brand: Liberty Furniture
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Last updated: 11/16/2021


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