Gibson Silt Rocker Recliner Chair
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Gibson Silt Rocker Recliner Chair by La-Z-Boy


The Gibson rocker recliner from La-Z-Boy is a must have for those looking to be both comfortable and stylish at the same time. This plumply padded chair features soft leather upholstery, which feels luxurious against your skin as you sink into it with 54 different positions that can accommodate just about any body type! Plus there’s instant lumbar support so no matter how long or short your day might've been this will help relieve some tension without even having to get off of couch/reclining seat.
Reasons to buy Gibson Silt Rocker Recliner Chair by La-Z-Boy:
  • 54 comfort positions.
  • Instant lumbar support.
  • The perfect chair for Netflix and chill.


Brand: La-Z-Boy
Availability: In stock
Last updated: 11/16/2021
IB's notes:
  • La-Z-Boy has been in business for 95 years.
  • La-Z-Boy has told us that they partly create their products in the US.
  • La-Z-Boyhas been in business for 52 years more that the average of brands on Interiorbeat.


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