Game Room

The need to relax, get some physical activity, and spend quality time with family and friends is not a luxury but necessity to stay healthy and happy. No wonder, the game room has taken center-stage in many homes as we lavish attention on a section that was once seen as a necessary evil rather than a necessity. Essentially a leisure zone, the game room is a room or space in the home, specifically earmarked for the family to relax and entertain guests with an assortment of indoor games, and entertainment options such as home theater, karaoke, and virtual reality gaming systems. The game room is characterized by the sense of privacy it offers and has a different look and feel from the living areas of the home.

Setting Up Your Game Room

Unlike the other areas such as bedrooms, kitchen, bath, and living room whose location is chosen with care, the game room can be located in any part of the house. Traditionally, it was the basement that was converted into the game room. But today we notice spaces such as the spare bedroom or even a dining room being converted into the game room. It goes to show that location is not as important as functionality, accessibility, and décor are for game rooms to become real fun zones.

Types of the Home Game Room

Depending on your personal preferences and those of your family, you can stock up on an assortment of games and entertainment aids and accessories in your game room. The trick is to decide on your favorite leisure activities and create the perfect game room within the earmarked space.

Game Rooms for Entertainment Buffs

This type of game room is primed for the movie lover in you. The centerpoint of the game room is a home theatre system programmed to immerse you in great visual and audio experiences. And if you’re also a video gaming enthusiast, this setup is all the more an attractive proposition to have at home!

Literally have a blast designing the décor to recreate the real movie hall experience in this type of game room – Large size TV set, giant cinema projection screen, surround sound speakers, adequate seating ranging from leather reclining seats to expansive couches or even gigantic bean bags.

Game Rooms for Board and Tabletop Game Aficionados

This is the game room for people who prefer spending time with family in the evenings or on weekends. Such games promote a sense of affinity and bonding between people – in the spirit of ‘more the merrier’. And, because of this, a large study table dominates the topography in a game room of this type. Prefer a table with corners over round or oval board game tables. And if space is a problem, simply use an extendable table that can be folded when not in use.

Seating is another important aspect of the game room, when you’re organising table or board games that can potentially last for as long as 5 to 6 hours at a stretch! Chairs need to be robust yet comfortable. Cushioned chairs are your best bet for a game room primed for table or board games. If space shortage is forcing you to opt for portable chairs, you can always throw in lots of comfy cushions to spike up the comfort quotient.

Apart from lighting arrangements to help participants see their cards properly, and read the character sheets, this type of game room worthy of its reputation, will boast of tastefully done up shelving to showcase the collection of games. Shelving typically ranges for wall-mounted arrangements to free-standing cabinets with glass doors.

Game Rooms for Pub-style Gamers

A standard fixture in many a pub and watering hole, pool, darts, table-hockey and other such games are popular themes for home game rooms because of the thrill as well as the pub-atmosphere they create at home. And then, there are the large table games such as ping pong which are popular. Only problem is, you’ll need lots of open space to accommodate such games in your home. A pool table literally eats up space and then you’ll have to skilfully organise seating arrangements so that game space is not blocked. Similarly, you need to factor in adequate space for darts too as there needs to be enough distance between the board and the throwing position. The ideal approach to designing your game room is to work on the layout in advance and then order the furniture and gaming equipment that fits into the layout, and can be stored away easily when not in use. The space under seats and tables can be utilised as storage space for many of the accessories we use in these games.

Essentials of a Good Game Room

Apart from the games, a good game room should include a good set of audio speakers. You must also invest in a good television or projector screen. The room also needs to be soundproofed adequately. And then, you have to accented lighting to create the right mood as well as enhance viewing experience. Also invest in a good table and chair for your gaming pursuits in the field of virtual reality.

Game Room Design Tips

Ensure there’s sufficient space for your game room plans – The first step in establishing your game room is to make sure there’s sufficient space for open and uninhibited movement of people.

Include more games and activities in your game room – Whatever your game room theme, don’t stick to a particular game or recreational activity as this could lead to fatigue and boredom. A television is a great thing to have in your game room. Similarly, make alternative arrangements for those who are attending the do but don’t play any game as such.

Have Fun with a Theme: Select a theme to reflect the persona of your game room. Themes could range from a casino to a retro décor to wild west saloon. And if you’re the sports and fitness types, you can do up the walls with game pics, signature jerseys, a big TV screen. Don’t forget to place some stadium-style seating in the front to create the mood and ambience.