Fabrictech King Bamboo Soft Pillow
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Fabrictech King Bamboo Soft Pillow by Purecare


The Fabrictech bamboo soft pillow is the perfect solution for sleepers who like to rest their head on something squishy. Made of high-quality materials, this puffy tufted cushion will be your newest best friend! The memory foam in its inner layer snuggles up against you and cradles any parts that need extra relief with every shift or turn throughout the night; it's gentle yet firm enough so as not create pressure points while simultaneously providing luxurious comfort - all without weighing down too much at first glance (or touch). Even better: because these pillows are made from 100% natural resources such as environmentally friendly bamboo fabric AND organic cotton filling inside each individual cellular packingsite.
Reasons to buy Fabrictech King Bamboo Soft Pillow by Purecare:
  • The pillow is made of bamboo, which is a natural and renewable resource.
  • Memory foam will mold to your head and neck for perfect comfort.
  • Feel refreshed and ready to start the day after waking up from a good night's sleep.


Brand: Purecare
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Last updated: 11/16/2021


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