Storage Benches

Combining a sturdy bench with storage compartments, a storage bench offers not just extra seatings but also plenty of secure storage areas, clearing up cluttered areas. Thus, storage benches are the best friends of small apartments and small townhouses, where space is a luxury. That said, if you want to utilize these benches with storage fully, you will first have to be smart with the placement. Below the products, we share some insights that you may find helpful in your search for a storage bench.

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Adapt the benches to the room

It is essential to keep in mind that every room serves a different function, so your storage benches must adapt to the room’s purposes and unique properties. For example, storage benches in the living room are highly versatile: They can store books, vinyl records, and much more. At the same time, these benches, if low enough, can be used as footrests! Because you will almost always need a lot of seats in the living room, it can be a good idea to get long benches with storage for the extra seatings. 

The bedroom is where you want to store many personal items, and the extra seats are not as important here. Thus, you should try placing upholstered storage benches with a lot of storage space. This little trick will keep your bedroom well-organized and tidy all the time with ease. 

If you are going to place storage benches in the bathroom, you should keep in mind that they will be used to store essential items only, so don’t choose flashy benches with beautiful finishes. Instead, go for a more straightforward and more rustic design with a lot of storage. The extra seating might seem a bit unnecessary, but it can be beneficial when having a pedicure session. 

Storage benches can also be put outdoors as well. Place these benches on the veranda, and you will have a perfect spot to just chill out with your friends and enjoy the fragrance of blooming flowers. The storage space could be used to store cushions, tablecloths, and other items for a picnic. 

Pay extra attention to the material of the bench 

Storage benches are made from a wide range of materials, and understanding what each material does will help you to make the most appropriate pick. Wooden benches are the most popular choices around. These benches are highly reliable, and they are available in a wide variety of styles, so they can fit into most home decor schemes. 

PVC benches are the more affordable and durable choices. They are also very lightweight, so it will be much easier to move them around. That said, PVC storage benches do not come in a lot of styles, so they do not allow a lot of creative liberty.

For a more stylish and luxurious touch, you can choose storage benches with woven fabrics like cotton, velvet, or synthetics. Do remember that you will have to regularly clean the fabrics to get rid of stains. You can try to give them the stain-resistant treatment for long-term benefits. 

Don’t forget about the cushions

If you plan to use the storage bench for sitting, don’t forget to buy cushions first! Cushions for storage benches will help reduce long-term discomfort from sitting on its wooden surface, and if you have spinal issues, cushions will alleviate back pain and neck discomfort. If you are using cushions for your outdoor storage benches, do remember to put them away after use to prevent environmental damage. 

Consider the extra features

Some storage benches come with extra features that improve their overall quality, so don’t skip over these features. For example, if you are storing many essential items inside the bench, consider getting one with a safety lock so that no one can touch these items. Also, if you tend to get back pain from sitting at one spot for too long, getting a storage bench with contoured seats might not be a bad option. 

The style vs. function debate

Because storage benches are furniture pieces with high functionality, the style vs function considerations are even more critical when choosing the right storage bench. For example, if you are going to buy storage benches for rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms, the storage function should be prioritized, and you should try getting models that have plenty of cubbies and shelves. Conversely, for benches in the living room or the front porch, where visitors are more likely to notice the pieces, you could be a little bit more creative with the design and go for a bench with a unique design.